Visiting Bocas Del Toro

I’m in Bocas Del Toro this week on a business trip. On Isla Colon, in Bocas Town. There’s the usual activities involved in a business trip. Meetings, negotiations, etc. These are commonalities, but here in Bocas, in this beautiful place in the Republic of Panamá, it’s most certainly uncommon.

The community here in Bocas is unlike anywhere else. It’s an eclectic mix of local Islanders, Panamanians from the mainland, North Americans, Europeans, Caribbean peoples, and everyone in between. And it’s perfect. The entire community revolves around the water, tourism, and artisans. There’s so much to do and see here it can’t be done on a day trip, or even several days. I won’t go into the details of this part of Panamá, as a simple Google search will give you all the info you could possibly want. I did post some pictures below, though.

This is my second trip here, but the first for business, and my longest stay. Three nights and four days in a very nice local hotel. If you can deal with the heat, and have recommendations on where to eat and make purchases that are not part of the tourism industry, you’ll enjoy yourself even more. I’ll tell you this, though, you won’t be bored.

Because this is a business trip, I’m here without my wife. But I’ve made several new connections and we’ll come back together so I can show my her some of the Bocas Del Toro that’s not on the tourist trail.

You know, the best part of being anywhere exotic is immersing oneself in the local culture, eating at local restaurants, and visiting areas that are a true reflection of the community when the tourists go home.

The climates in Panamá are extremely diverse, and although Bocas is beautiful in it’s own way, it’s vastly different from our home in the cool mountain highlands of Boquete. I’ve enjoyed my visit, but I’ll be happy to get home to my sweetheart and our little dogs!

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