Hooray For Our Side! The Rest of You Can Shut Up

“I wish those rich athletes and actors would just shut up and quit talking about (insert cause, caution, or current event here) They should stick to what they do and not meddle!”

We’ve all either heard, read, or said this. All of us. Regardless of what “side” we’re on. Generally, when the actor or athlete is promoting or protesting something that we don’t agree with.

The right gets incensed, angry, and filled with righteous indignation when Colin Kaepernick takes a knee, and even more so when nearly the entirety of the NFL follows suit, and then the rest of professional sports gets involved. They grow furious when Lady Gaga or any one of dozens of left-leaning celebrities speak out. It happens all the time, and the louder they speak, the more vile the insults, the more hateful the comments, and the more threatening the rhetoric.

The left gets equally incensed, angry, and filled with righteous indignation when Tim Tebow takes a knee, and even more so when other professional athletes refuse to kneel at the National Anthem. They also grow furious when John Voight, James Woods, Clint Eastwood or any one of dozens of right-leaning celebrities speak out. And you know what? I’ve heard the same vile insults, hateful comments, and threatening rhetoric coming from the left.

Here’s the thing, though. These celebrities and athletes wield an incredible amount of influence with their hundreds of millions of fans, and they have the same rights as the rest of us do when it comes to expressing our opinions. Even your uncle who sends you those utterly ridiculous YouTube videos consisting of some of the most outlandish conspiracy theories.

We, and I mean all of us, need to realize that these actors, actresses, athletes, and other celebrities have the same thoughts, ideas, opinions, wishes, desires, and motives that we do. Except we don’t have the ability to reach the masses with our messages.

Think about what you would do if you had millions of people hanging on your every word, willing to get behind something you feel strongly about, and then to take it one step further and become involved in your chosen cause. Would you not use your influence to try and further whatever it is that you wish to see change in?

If you ask me, and you probably won’t, I think it’s jealousy, envy, and a sense of personal defeat that gets us so riled up when we see someone use so much influence to forward an idea or ideology that we do not agree with. As well, it is kind of hypocritical to root for the celebrities on our side, but to chastise and insult the ones who are not.

On that note, all of us, no matter what our politics or world view, have a responsibility to shame any celebrity who endorses racism, bigotry, discrimination, and hatred. Regardless of if they are representing your side or not.

And if you’re on the side of racism, bigotry, discrimination, and hatred – regardless – well then, you’re just a horrible human being and can go pound sand. The world would truly be a better place without your bullshit.

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