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Don’t Stop at Just the Headline

I have written thousands of news stories during my thirty years as a writer and journalist, and there has always been a standard requirement for responsible news providers in how a story – print or otherwise – should be constructed. I use the word ‘constructed’ because a proper news story is built, crafted, and finished…

Q-Anon: A Primer

QAnon is the shark jump of conspiracy theories, encompassing a multitude of ideas and beliefs that cover just about every aspect of human existence. It’s the mother lode. It’s almost religious in its construct, and its followers are just as zealous.

The Gospel of News Journalism

Outside of the occasional album cover, dog picture, and a bit of jocularity, I am currently posting mostly news on my Facebook page. By news, I mean information that has little or no commentary. I carefully choose my sources using the nearly thirty years of experience I have as a journalist in the mainstream print,…