America’s Frontline Doctors: Who Is Stella Immanuel

Dr. Stella Immanuel

A video featuring a group of doctors from a group calling themselves “America’s Frontline Doctors” making false claims about Covid-19 was pulled from Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook on Monday, July 27th. But not before being shared over 8 million times, even more than the widely discredited “Plandemic” video.

Originally published by the far right-wing Brietbart, the slickly produced video features a group of people in white lab coats standing in front of the US Supreme Court building, touting that the American public has been duped, scammed, or otherwise led astray by a bevy of organizations, media outlets, and the medical/scientific community at large.

Consequently, the video resulted in hundreds of thousands of posts on social media that further spread false information about Covid-19, which states among other fallacies that lockdowns and face masks are unnecessary. The claims run contrary to multiple studies and advice from health officials. The America’s Frontline Doctors website is less than two weeks old.

The backlash from Social Media was swift. Facebook has removed Stella Immanuel. Twitter has removed her tweet touting hydroxychloroquine as a cure subsequent to Trump’s retweet. Youtube is removing videos from The America’s Frontline Doctors as misinformation..

From CNN:

“We’ve removed this video for sharing false information about cures and treatments for COVID-19,” a Facebook spokesperson told CNN, adding that the platform is “showing messages in News Feed to people who have reacted to, commented on or shared harmful COVID-19-related misinformation that we have removed, connecting them to myths debunked by the WHO.”

Twitter worked to scrub the video late Monday night after Trump shared versions of the video that amassed hundreds of thousands of views.

“We’re taking action in line with our Covid misinformation policy,” a Twitter spokesperson told CNN.

Twitter took action against the videos that Trump retweeted. By early Tuesday morning the videos were no longer able to be viewed on his account. Twitter also took action on a version of the video posted by Donald Trump Jr. and others shared by Breitbart News.

The video was also removed by YouTube, where it had been viewed more than 40,000 times. Users attempting to access the video late Monday were greeted with a message that said it had been removed for “violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.”

Trump shared the video along with rhetoric that the medical and science community’s findings about hydroxychloroquine was a ploy to discredit him and his bid for reelection bid. Don Jr. got his Twitter account temporarily restricted, as well.

Regarding Dr. Stella Immanuel

Dr. Immanuel’s clinic next door to her church

One of those who spoke was Dr. Stella Immanuel, who has a long and dubious career that includes very questionable views and beliefs, and has been proven a quack, scam artists, and purveyor of some of the most outlandish points of view. Her tenure as a doctor in the United States began last November.

Previously, she worked as a doctor in Nigeria, and bills herself as a Deliverance Minister. She has given sermons promoting various conspiracy theories including “the gay agenda, secular humanism, the Illuminati, and a demonic new world order.”

From The Daily Beast:

Before Trump and his supporters embrace Immanuel’s medical expertise, though, they should consider other medical claims Immanuel has made—including those about alien DNA and the physical effects of having sex with witches and demons in your dreams. 

Immanuel, a pediatrician and a religious minister, has a history of making bizarre claims about medical topics and other issues. She has often claimed that gynecological problems like cysts and endometriosis are in fact caused by people having sex in their dreams with demons and witches. 

She alleges alien DNA is currently used in medical treatments, and that scientists are cooking up a vaccine to prevent people from being religious. And, despite appearing in Washington, D.C. to lobby Congress on Monday, she has said that the government is run in part not by humans but by “reptilians” and other aliens.

A little further digging from her home country of Nigeria reveals:

Dr Stella Immanuel has been exposed as a fraud after claiming that the discredited hydroxychloroquine drug is a tested cure for COVID-19.

Immanuel and a group of Trump frontline doctors went to Washington D.C. where Immanuel gave an impassioned speech testifying that the drug is efficacious.

She claimed she had treated 350 patients in her clinic also called all doubters scientific fraud.

But that is what she is being called, as a torrent of reactions followed her testimony.

One commenter wondered how she became a COVID-19 doctor when she is licensed to be a pediatrician.

In one of the reactions to her video statement, she was linked to a fraudulent multi-level marketing VoIP phone scam 5 linx. She claimed then to be a millionaire in her promotion of the scam. The owners of 5 linx were indicted and sent to prison.

She promotes herself on her Facebook page as:

  • A prophet of God to the nations.”
  • “Her attitude toward demonic forces has been described as cut-throat, a warrior to the core.”
  • “A wealth transfer coach”

She believes in “Deliverance Prayer against Homosexuality and Sexual Perversion” and that “practicing and celebrating homosexuality will take you to hell.”

Facebook blocked her account which contained multiple videos, to which she issued a supernatural threat:

Immanuel is a huckster of all sorts of pseudo-science and science fiction. She’s a step or two beyond the usual plethora of science deniers due to her inclusion of the supernatural and other-worldly elements into her beliefs, i.e, sex with demons and alien DNA, etc. She shouldn’t be taken seriously on these points alone, let alone her unfounded and debunked claims about the coronavirus.

America’s Frontline Doctors and other Snake Oil salespeople have been with us since time was time, and they won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. They have their agendas, which usually involve money and egos. Thankfully, though, social media giants like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are taking steps to call out these frauds and deny them the precious publicity they crave. This is not censorship, but being responsible members of the digital community.

The video is a perfect example of a polished turd.

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