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Al Stefanelli

Al is retired. He used to be an author, writer, journalist, publisher and a few other things. Some may say he went through life with a lack of direction and purpose, but he likes to think of himself as an intrepid adventurer. We won’t tell him. Al is disabled with Parkinson’s Disease and Diabetes, but remains active doing this and that for his family and church. So far, so good.

The main thing he loves to do is play music. He has been playing one instrument or another for the past fifty years, and currently is part of the Praise & Worship band at his church, where he plays a mean harmonica, and has been known to set a piano keyboard smoking. Sometimes he sings, but usually advises the tech people to turn his microphone off, lest he be responsible for a mass exodus from the Sanctuary. We don’t want wailing in Jerusalem, now, do we?

Al has honed the dark gift of sarcasm to a fine point, and is partial to playing elaborate practical jokes on his fellow staff members at Peachtree City Christian Church, where he will be functioning as the Las Tablas, Panama, Campus Pastor. His co-workers are constantly praying for him. At least that’s what we tell him.

Al dotes over his wife, Day (the other half of this blog), his kids, and his grandkids.

Day Stefaneili

Day has been putting up wi – married to Al for going on 30 years. It will be 28 years their next anniversary for those who appreciate accuracy. One of the reasons these two get along so well is because Day has also honed the dark gift of sarcasm, and heaven help anyone who is the target when these two get together. She is an accomplished cook and baker, and is directly responsible for Al’s weight gain and diabetes. Of course, this is his opinion. We won’t tell him.

Day is also a writer, and a great one at that. Whether it’s her poetry or posts on social media, the way she conveys her thoughts is unique. She also has organizational skills that rival anyone we’ve seen. Seriously, she’s like the Mr. Clean of organization. Day is also an employee of Peachtree City Christian Church, where she works full time as the Administrative Assistant.

She also dotes on Al, and the kids, and the grandkids, and has a servant’s heart. She’s as about a practical person as you can get, but her sense of humor is legendary. Another reason she and Al get along so well. Her motto can best be stated as, ‘You just gotta laugh at what life throws at you, because crying sucks.’



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  1. I just very recently finished reading your book “the voice of reason; and now I need to give it as a graduation prent to a friend who graduated from college in California last week. But I can’t find it any where. Can you help me find it asap?
    P. S. Has your health improved at least some?

    • I am sorry, Mario. Your comment got caught in my spam filter. I guess graduation is over, but my books are available in hard cover on Amazon, and digital on Kindle and Smashwords.

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