Dishonesty From a Local Merchant

Shame Shame Shame

So, as you know, Day and I are in the process of liquidating all of our possessions in preparation for our move to Panama in April. This includes our two vehicles. One of those vehicles is our 2005 Toyota Camry. This has been a reliable vehicle for us, and we were planning to get a decent price for it. Well, as luck would have it, yesterday the check engine light came on. Figures, right?

No worries, though. Day took it to a local auto repair store that does free check engine testing. The man plugged in his little contraption and out came the code P0420. To anyone who knows about these codes, this one is a generic for a malfunctioning catalytic converter. This doesn’t necessarily mean a $1300.00 replacement of the actual converter, as it could also mean a bad O2 sensor, etc.

So, what advice does this individual give to Day? He says to disconnect the negative cable from the battery terminal, as this will reset the computer and cause the check engine light to go off for about 100 miles, then sell the car without telling the buyer, making it his or her problem.

Seriously. This is what the dude told Day to do. To completely screw over a fellow human being that, chances are, are broke because people who have money don’t buy 12-year-old cars with 126K miles on them, and cosmetic damage. His advice means that some struggling family will buy our car on good faith, take it to get an inspection, and then be hit with a repair bill that they likely cannot afford, leaving them broke and still carless, and their faith in mankind further damaged.

We have had this done to us on several occasions when we were a younger couple, and I can tell you it sucks, big time.

So, no, Mr. Auto Parts Store Guy, we are NOT going to lie and cheat a fellow human being. We are going to have it taken to a dealership that will properly diagnose it, and then we are going to put the car up for sale with full disclosure and an appropriate discount because this is the right thing to do. We will not embark on our new adventure will ill-gotten gains, at the expense of someone else.

I sincerely hope that the next person who gets this kind of advice thinks twice about totally screwing over their neighbor.

Shame shame shame…

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