Onward to Paradise!

Hey, everyone! Thanks for coming back! So, a few things have changed (for the better) since you were here! Mainly, our departure date and where we are landing when we get here!

First, we’ve pushed our departure date up from the end of June to April 15th. Second, we’ve decided that we’re not moving to David, but to Las Tablas!

International Living states, “Located on Panama’s Pacific Coast, Las Tablas is Panama at its best. This town of under 30,000 people lies on the Azuero Peninsula, a region renowned for everything from colorful Carnival celebrations to artisanal textiles, pottery, and leatherwork. Life in this region of Panama is good. It is graced with more sunny days and less humidity than any other part of the country.”

We’re super excited about this new change, as we have read a lot about Las Tablas, and have communicated with a few people who live there. In case you are wondering where exactly in Panama Las Tables is located, or even where the Azuero Peninsula is, here’s a handy map!

As you can see, it’s a great location, and getting to Panama City by boat is a breeze! Plus one can also cross the Gulf of Panama for adventures into the Darien Gap, or to visit the Panama Canal!

We’re going to spend our first night in Panama in Panama City in a hotel, as we will be arriving late at night. The following day, onward to Las Tablas! We’ll be landing at a nice beach house that’s fully furnished, and includes all utilities, cable, and wifi. There’s a bus that goes into town during the day, and there’s always Uber for other trips! Here’s a few pictures of where we will be, and trust me, we’ll take much better pictures when we arrive, and will post them on a new article:

Here’s a few other pictures from the area. Yes, that last one is of the yearly carnival in Las Tablas. It rivals Mardi Gras or the one in Brazil. It is celebrated four days before the Ash Wednesday. During the carnival, people divide themselves into two groups called tunas, one tuna represents the Upper Street, and the other one comes from the Lower Street. They elect their queens, and the whole craziness begins:

[metaslider id=5343]

So, there you have it for now! Dates are set, reservations made, beach house secured! Now comes the great possession liquidation! We’re closer now than ever before!

See you soon!


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