As The Days Go By

OK, friends and family! We are inching closer to our departure date. The picture to the left (above if you are on the mobile version) is pretty much our back yard. Anyhow, we’ve been selling off our possessions, continuing to collect whatever small sentimental keepsakes we’re putting in storage, and otherwise purging ourselves of whatever we’re not selling, storing or taking with us (which will amount to about a half dozen suitcases between the two of us.)

Still have a ways to go, including many trips to the dump, organizing five weekends worth of upcoming yard sales we’ll be having, and prepping both of our cars for sale. Getting close to the nitty-gritty, as they say! At this point, the dogs are becoming suspicious. We are taking Maria with us, still looking for a home for Emma, but Oreo will be staying here with Roxanne & Fam, as she is too sick to pass the USDA exam to be imported to Panama.

You know, you never really truly realize how much stuff you collect over nearly thirty years until you try to get rid of it all. I am finding things from better than thirty years ago, and every time I pull something out of one of the many unpacked boxes that I’ve been hauling all over the eastern seaboard, I realize two things. One, I haven’t actually unpacked thisese boxes since Reagan was president, but just kept moving them from one place to another. Two, why the heck did I even save this stuff? Lord, I am such a hoarder.

Needless to say, we are both very excited and exhausted, but it will all be worth it when we climb out of the car and enter the front door of our new home in Province Los Santos, Las Tablas, Playa Uverito! Every day we learn new things about our new home from the many expats we have befriended who have been living there for years. Yes, there will be some challenges, but oh, they will SO be worth it!

Until then, check back for updates, anecdotes, puns, and such!

Here’s a picture from the back porch!

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