A New Journey Begins

In case you’ve not heard the good news, Day and I have decided, after a very long season of being caregivers and otherwise responsible adults, to basically run away together.

That’s right, you read it here. We are leaving for an adventure together that we’ve been dreaming about for quite some time now. And you know what they say, right? Go big or go home.

So, come the end of June of this year, we are moving to David (pronounced ‘Da-veed’) in the country of Panama. I specify that it is the country of Panama, because too many people we have told had assumed we were moving to Florida. That will never, ever, happen.

The Road Ahead…

Between now and June comes the monumental task of liquidating everything we own, including our vehicles, as we plan to leave the United States with pretty much six suitcases and a steamer trunk. We are doing this because we intentionally plan to travel light, and the house we will be renting will be fully furnished.

“Wait, you’re selling all your stuff?”

Yeah, man. It’s just stuff. At this point, aside from a couple boxes of keepsakes that will be stored at one of the kid’s places, it all looks like a tangle of anchors and cinder blocks wrapped in chains and shackles. The ability to pick up and go whenever and wherever we want is one of our goals, and having to ask ‘what about my stuff‘ will just not work. Unencumbered. It’s a thing.

We plan to return to the states once a year for a month or so, because we will definitely miss the kids and the grandbabies, as well as all of our friends and other family. But this is our time, peeps, and we’re gonna make the best of it for however long we’re alive and able.

Why Panama?

I’ve been researching this for quite a while, and up until very recently, it was a toss up between Panama and Costa Rica. Panama won because it has an outstanding retirement program called “Pensionado” (Google it.) This residency visa, combined with their very low cost of living (unless you move to Panama City), access to their top-notch national healthcare system, and a stable government, Panama is perfect for us. The fact we are moving into the ‘dry arch’ means that their rainy season will be way shorter for us than the rest of the country.

Plus, it’s the most connected country in Central America, with Internet speeds rivaling most American cities, and coverage pretty much everywhere. Oh, and things run on 110-120, same plugs we got, and the official currency of Panama is the Balboa. One Balboa is divided into 100 cents. Since 1904, one Balboa equals one US Dollar and since then, the US Dollar has legally circulated in Panama.

So, there you have it. It’s a small nutshell, as there is a lot involved. But this post is not to go into the logistics. It’s just an announcement. Both Day and I will be posting here from time to time with updates on our seventh inning stretch from now until we leave. Wish us well, but don’t bother to try and change our minds. This has been too long in the making, and we are so close that we can taste it!

Y’all take care, y’heah?

– Al


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  1. Good for you guys. We have had thoughts but no action along the same lines. I hope it it goes even better than you hope.
    Al Papp

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