Let’s Get One Thing Clear – by Douglas Conner-Worthy

I will not only fight to protect the rights of myself, but those of my kindred and peers.

1511353_10201602787651369_1458798999_nDoug Conner-Worthy is a personal friend of mine, and an individual that I have an immense amount of respect for. He has made decisions in his life that he knew were going to effect him in ways that would make most people run and hide. He is an advocate, a wonderful man, a loving husband, and someone who I am proud to know.

Recently, he posted a note on Facebook that speaks to so many of us who have had our hopes and dreams take a monumental hit as a result of this past election, on both the national and state levels.

If you read anything today, this should be on the top of your list.


Let’s Get One Thing Clear

By Doug Connor-Worthy

I have no animosity, or fear of, Republicans. I have never in my life before the most recent National elections held much ideological sway over people who chose to vote for Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Independents, etc. From 1776 until 1860, political membership was essentially a matter of whether the individual believed the center of political power should be held with the States or the Federal governments. From 1865 until the 1930s political membership became more a matter of whether one believed in “Big Government” or an individual’s “rights.”

620-women-civil-rights-mildred-loving-imgcache-rev1391798026463-web-945-544The whole subject of an individual’s rights became a matter of daily conversation. Should African-Americans, Native-Americans, and Women be “given” the right to vote? Should an individual possess the right to govern his own company? Should an individual possess the right to govern “his” own family? Should an individual possess the right to partake of drugs and alcohol recreationally?

Essentially, within those 65-70 years America was suffering growing pains and coming to grips with its new identity as a world leader and protector of individual’s rights. From the 1930s to the 1970s membership in political parties became once again focused on White privilege, the most socially evident results were an emerging power known as “The Baby Boomers” which old party movers and shakers realized to be a “danger” to the status quo.

New drug laws and laws regulating personal freedoms were enacted to attempt to corral the “Under 30s” who were changing the very face of America. I have lived to see a quarter of the existence of this Great Experiment and more than 30 percent of its Presidents. I have seen this country morph from the existence of American Communism and Socialism of the 50s to the Dixiecrats of the South and Flower Power, Black Liberation Army, Black Panthers, Students for a Democratic Society, Northern and Western “liberal” Democrats. I have seen the South migrate from a Democratic identity to a Republican one. I have seen Republicans transmute from a party of National Economic Power to one of Tea Partiers and one in which White Nationalists and Wall Street businessmen and the “top 1%” identify. I have seen a transmutation of the Democratic party into one which Western and Northwestern Europe can identify with as Democratic Socialism.

636048003771044542-1028125850_michael-brown-case-exposes-the-divided-state-of-america1America is now a nation in the process of mitosis. It is splitting from within into two identifiable countries. One which is both scientifically and spiritually aware; which holds the sanctity of equal rights under Constitutional law… which holds the Earth in esteem and maintains that all citizens of every country possess rights and esteem. The “other” country is one which looks to the past with rose-colored glasses and sees the supremacy of Caucasian-Americans and the past edicts of global isolationism as the ideal.

No, I do not care whether you identify yourself as Democrat or Republican. What I do care about is whether you found your allegiances and support for men and women who believe that “equal rights” means, “only if you are White and a supposed conservative idea of Christian”. If you have given your support to an ideology of Supremacy, scientific ignorance, and “us vs them”, I cannot support your position under any circumstances.

la-na-selma-civil-rights-movement-20150306I will not only fight to protect the rights of myself, but those of my kindred and peers. I will not allow you to push me and those I love into an unequal second or third-class status. I will not allow you to create a country where money and race equals power.

I will fight against those who call me friend or family but do not allow me or any other human the ability to be free. I will not allow you to tear up the ideals of the United States Constitution.

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