Stephen Colbert Gives Newt Gingrich “The Talk”

Dear Newt...

27gingrich-master768Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich was interviewed by Fox News’ Megyn Kelly on Tuesday, October 25th. It didn’t go well for the Newt. They got into a rather heated exchange, which culminated in Gingrich accusing Kelly of being “fascinated with sex” for reporting on the accusations of sexual assault allegedly committed by Donald Trump.

Kelly’s take-down of Gingrich was epic. But that’s not the most awesome thing that came out of that exchange. Mind you, Newt got his ass handed to him and deservedly so, but Stephen Colbert? Talk about your comic gold!

For reference, here’s the entire interview. If you’re already familiar with this, feel free to skip down to the Colbert video:

Stephen Colbert…

This is what Colbert had to say on his nightly talk show, The Late Show. I would recommend you have no food or drink in your mouth before you click or tap on the play button. It is pure Colbertian awesomeness!

Absolutely fantastic! Thank you, Stephen, for a great laugh!

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