Thanks, Obama!

You should be ashamed.

160908_-_obama_on_trump_-_0623_327a8098acef525e4de45fb67efd9c38-nbcnews-fp-320-240Thanks, Obama, for almost 80 straight months of economic expansion. We are horrified that the US economy has improved. How dare you! You have some nerve for your part in our enjoyment of the longest period of job growth in the private sector in our history as a nation. I just cannot believe that you have totally outdone even Ronald Reagan. These past 68 months of growth are a travesty, and you should be ashamed of yourself.

And what about that unemployment, huh? How can you justify unemployment dropping from over 10 % in October of 2009 to the terrible rate of 4.9%? Why did you think we needed almost 13 million new jobs? Have you lost your mind?

Not to mention what happened to the stock market under your watch. It hasn’t seen a downward trend since you took office. That is infuriating! Did you even consider how much you’d be helping most Americans, who have their 401K investments in the market? Way to make life more secure for millions of the middle class. Sickening.

While we’re on the subject of money, how come the Federal budget has shrunk so much? Can you even explain that? A reduction of about two-thirds since you took office in 2009. Just because you inherited  $1.4 trillion dollar deficit, doesn’t mean mean you had the right to shrink it to under half a billion. Did you even think about this as government spending only increased 3.3% annually, the lowest rate since Eisenhower was president?

Let’s talk about taxes, Mr. President. I am truly horrified and dismayed that income taxes are lower or as low as they have been in the past half century. In fact, you only raised taxes on the top 2% of the population. How dare you?! I bet you are proud of your terrible record on our dependence on foreign oil, what with it having shrunk so much because we are producing more domestic oil than we ever have. Shame on you.

You should be glad, as well, that the GOP had the single payer option removed from the Affordable Care Act. If they had not intervened, vastly more than the roughly 15 million people who have insurance now would have had it, and it would have been better coverage. Thankfully, the GOP managed to keep Medicaid expansion out of many states, or the suffering people there might have gotten some much-needed help. Still, you should be ashamed that we are seeing the slowest rate of increase in healthcare costs since 1960.

And what about our military? How come we now have fewer service members in war zones in a dozen years? How do you explain the total absence of domestic attacks by al Qaeda? We were counting on getting hit hard when you took office. You are truly a disappointment. At least we are deporting more illegal immigrants than ever before, more so than under any US President.

I sure am disappointed I voted for you. Twice. So much so, that I am fighting back this election cycle by voting for Hillary Clinton.

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