The Hillary Clinton Conspiracy Train

Aaaaaaaaall Aboaaaarrd! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

tin-baseballNo, Hillary Clinton did NOT say that Christians in America must deny their faith. No, doctors are not ripping fetuses out of wombs days before delivery. No, the Democrats are not falsifying every legitimate poll. No, Clinton operatives didn’t assassinate Justice Antonin Scalia. No, dead people are not voting in this (or any) election. No, Hillary Clinton is not cozying up to Nazis.

No, voting machines have not been calibrated to switch GOP votes to Democratic votes. No, Saul Alinksy didn’t write ‘How to Create a Social State.’ No, the Clinton Foundation is not corrupt. No, President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, and soon-to-be President-elect Hillary Clinton did not lose their law licenses.

No. No. No. No. No.

The level of sheer willful ignorance I see every day regarding our president, our soon to be president-elect, our first lady, and Donald Trump is mind-blowing. The utterly ridiculous and thoroughly debunked bullshit that people choose to believe as truth, and the sources from where this tripe is garnered, is whittling away my faith in humanity. It’s not that difficult to find out what’s accurate and what’s fabricated. But, by all means, keep posting your tin foil hat conspiracy theories and your “breaking news.”

Welcome to the evidence-lite world of the conspiracy theorist, where mysterious forces are at work and nothing is as it seems. The litany of conspiracy theories surrounding Hillary Clinton are a perfect example that some people will believe anything from murder, secret lesbian love affairs, and body doubles to collusion with International banks for the express purpose of tearing apart our country.

Conspiracy theories on the Internet are easy to spot, particularly the political ones. They usually come from the same gaggle of tin-foil-hat neo-conservative websites like Infowars or the Gateway Pundit. They usually cannot be found on any actual, real news outlets. Most of the time a quick search of Snopes will reveal a “False” tag and an explanation of what really happened. And they are passed around among your more ultra-right-wing and often poorly educated social media contacts.

Danger! Danger!

Politico lists the five most dangerous conspiracy theories of 2016, and near the top of the list is “Mass paranoia.” From the article:

A favorite go-to conspiracy theory of Trump’s, used in different circumstances at different points during the campaign, these four words suggest that our governmental institutions and our institutions for disseminating information are not only malevolent, but also engaged in a cover-up of epic proportions. This conspiracy theory is useful for Trump because it lets him avoid specifics; it’s also dangerous because it’s open-ended, leaving Trump supporters plenty of room to connect their own dots. What is, in fact, “going on”?

From imaginary hand gestures to skin-colored ear implants, there is no conspiracy to small for Trump’s crew to fabricate and for Trump supporters to swallow up whole without investigating what is real or not. Got news for you, if it is legit, it’ll be easy to find. If you are already on the eighth page of a Google search and you’ve not yet come across anything other than other tin-foil hate websites touting the same story, it’s a fair bet that what is being paraded out as news is total and complete bullshit.

Let Me Entertain You…

I will tell you that reading the rants by some of these people is quiet entertaining. The faux pas in grammar, spelling, and a seemingly five-year-old grasp of the English language is almost laughable. However, it’s not at all a laughing matter once you realize these people actually get out and vote.

Well, I’ve got some real, actual news for you. If you don’t get out and vote because you think Trump has no chance of winning, don’t sell yourself or your vote short. Every vote counts.


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