Victim Blaming, the Disabled, and God

Disabilities are not punishments from God

punishmentOn the list of things that piss me off, nestled right there near the top, are people informing me that my disabilities are punishment from God.  It is only my desire not to be incarcerated which stops me from resorting to my more base instincts. This happens more often that you might think.

I used to ask these people why they would say such horrible and insensitive things, but after getting answers like God is trying to “get my attention,” or if I would just choose to believe in their brand of Christianity, then God would “cut me some slack,” I just stopped asking.

For whatever the reason they give, it all comes down to their belief that “everything happens for a reason,” and that reason is somehow connected to something I did, said, or believe, that has pissed off God to the point that He felt it in everyone’s best interest to completely fuck up my life with Parkinson’s Disease, Diabetes, etc., as well as the lives of my family who have to bear the burden. That I bear some sinful responsibility for the constant, unrelenting and extreme level of pain that I endure every waking moment of every single day makes me want to literally scream a litany of Capaldi-level profanities at these people.

The utter gall that it takes to tell a disabled person that their suffering is at the hand of God as punishment for ANYTHING is not only unconscionable and the height of ignorance, but really makes God look like a complete dickhead.

These people should be ashamed of themselves, as they are blinded by their religious arrogance. It’s bad enough that most disabilities are misunderstood by our society, but to compound it by passing judgment on the disabled or stating that it is the result of some divine intervention is nothing short of a travesty.

But they will pray for me… 

How nice. Tell you what, if you believe that my disabilities are a punishment from God, then I don’t want your prayers.

I find it hard enough to comprehend people praying for a resurgence in this country of misogyny, willful ignorance, intolerance, the denying of historical facts, the denying of science, homophobic bigotry, and the belief that Jesus is a Conservative Republican.

You want to help? Then how about you quit trying to block embryonic stem cell research and maybe pick up a science book.

Yes, I am pissed off.

I am angry at the perpetuation of ignorance that many believers and religious institutions have toward the disabled.

I am angry that these archaic and draconian beliefs still influence medical research.

I am angry that billions of dollars are spent every year trying to protect a blastocyst, but funding is consistently blocked on research that can help the hundreds of thousands of people who suffer from diseases that can be cured by harvesting stem cells.

I am angry that more money isn’t being spent on, and/or more people are not bothering to educate the general public about the nature of just what it means to be disabled, and there are a myriad of disabilities that do not present with a physical deformity or abnormality. Particularly mental illness, which already too many people think is “demon” possession.

I am angry that in this day and age, we still have to deal with the general supposition that if you are not missing a limb, have a horrific physical disfigurement, or don’t look “abnormal,” you are somehow “faking it” and trying to get a free ride from the government.

Most of us who live on a fixed income due to any disability can tell you that we’d rather healthy and employed.

So, there you have it. Today’s rage against the machine…

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