The Trump Circus Rolls On

Things I've learned about many Trump supporters.

578b91d64aa21847a5000003So, over the past several months as the contest between Clinton and Trump gains steam, there are several things I have learned about Trump’s supporters from social media, speaking with people in meatspace, and in the comment sections of a plethora of websites from the most liberal to the staunchest conservative sites. And these things are not, by any stretch of the imagination, positive. I won’t even spend time here discussing his references to his own genitalia, sexual conquests, etc. You can do a Google search for that, but be warned…

The fact alone that so many people have embraced what can only be described on a base level as an authoritarian candidate is perplexing. This has always been the antithesis of what American voters wanted, no matter what their political persuasion was. Anything but an authoritarian. Now the hordes of supporters are actually embracing one, and that embracing sometimes borders on the psychotic – particularly when they are confronted by those who have opposing points of view. They are known to often fly into a rage and threaten physical violence when given pure, unadulterated facts that contradict what Trump had stated, or are contrary to a position he takes on any given issue.

gettyimages-100722507They react this way for a variety of reasons, but generally because they erroneously view Trump as a ‘strong’ leader who will protect them from the fears that he has actually stoked within them. Their perception of him as being strong is not based not on what he has done in the past, but by what he says he is going to do in the future. There is actually no basis to believe he can do any of these things because there is no point of reference to draw from. He lacks any experience, and while this may appear “refreshing,” It’s actually a dangerous trait for a world leader. These promises, while completely unrealistic to bring to fruition, include the banning of entire swaths of a major world religion from entering the country, and seriously infringing on the constitutional rights of Muslims already residing here – even those that were born here.

Trump is known for embracing racists, being an outright misogynist, not paying his bills, being a tax evader, and everything else that is on the laundry list of inappropriate, anti-social, and otherwise inexcusable behavior for a Presidential candidate, especially for a major party. This includes his embrace of white nationalism by not only disparaging just about every minority in existence, but also tweeting from white supremacists and anti-Semitic sources, and his embrace of an eerily familiar form of eugenics.

trump2In fact, I find it mind-boggling that Trump’s generally deplorable behavior towards so many groups of people has become not only acceptable to his supporters, but seen as something to admire or as some sort of a personal goal. Trump is regularly guilty of fat shaming, slut shaming, body shaming in general, mocking our veterans, poking fun at people with disabilities, observing pregnant women as bad for business, observing women in general as only holding value based on his skewed perception of beauty, his advocating and for and promoting violence against protesters at his rallies, and his “jokingly” calling out non-Christians in an arena full of hostile believers. This is a short list, by the way. There is so much more that comprises the horror of Donald Trump.

I won’t even get into his penchant for dishonesty. His ability to outright lie about anything and everything in spite of there being irrefutable proof to the contrary easily found in multiple places. The man is a serial liar, and that is in comparison to others in the field of politics, which is known for being populated with those who play fast and loose with the truth. Why those who profess to be Evangelical Christians are embracing this man in stead of referring to him as “the father of lies,” is beyond me.

trump-rally-with-baby-cropSpeaking of Christians, I can’t even fathom how anyone who portends to be a member of the Christian faith can support him. To claim to be a Christian and believe that God endorses him or is responsible for Trump getting the GOP nomination, or that it is the will of God that Trump be elected as some sort of Messiah is truly perplexing. Trump behaves in a way that is decidedly non-Christian, and those denizens of temperance and righteousness we know as Evangelicals who have accepted as one of their own a man who has made his fortune in the gambling industry, who has been a seller of alcohol and vice, married multiple times, engaged in adultery throughout his life, and is otherwise the opposite of what Jesus says are the identifying marks of a Christian are probably among the most confused people I have ever met. Seriously. This is what American Christianity has devolved into. It’s pathetic, really.

Donald Trump has no respect for anyone who is not Donald Trump. He has no respect for our Constitution, particularly the first amendment, unless it applies to him. He cares for nobody other than himself, and is so far removed from what day to day life is like in this country, that if you think he is a ‘man of the people,’ you are being duped. He only loves this country when it can benefit him, his businesses, or his ego.

If you believe that somehow Donald Trump is speaking for you, you are either deaf, deluded, or have either forgotten or are ignorant of the history of what people like Trump can do to an entire nation.

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