Trump Thinks He Won The Hofstra Debate

This is expected for a man living in his own reality

trump-i-havent-quite-recovered-from-clinton-shouting-her-messageSo, there was an image that had been Tweeted by Donald Trump this morning that was probably the biggest “WTF” moment of his entire campaign. Why? Because up until the Hofstra debate, the only people who really were listening to Trump were Trump supporters.

The rest of us found it hard to stomach even listening to him bleat out how great he is, and to try and make sense of his speeches that were more like auditory renditions of a sixth-graders essay – full of fill, a lot of words, but really saying nothing.

But I digress…

Here is the picture that was Tweeted by The Orange One:


I can’t even begin to tell you how unbelievably skewed this is. Outside of the fact that several of these polls cited were click polls, which are notoriously inaccurate and so extremely easy to manipulate that most political correspondents and genuine news outlets completely ignore them.

The other polls came from either obscure local newspapers, or directly from the tin foil hate community of websites. The only one that was even remotely accurate was the one from Fortune Magazine, as it has been stated over and over that Trump did well on that topic.

However, every legitimate poll and pundit, including many at Fox News and even the Russian newspapers all state that Hillary Clinton cleaned Trump’s clock.

Examples are Time Magazine, USA Today, The Washington PostCBS News, Market Watch, Bloomberg, CNN, The Atlantic, 538, etc. Then there were these people:














And there are many, many more.

But Trump has his own brand of reality, and his followers have chosen to adopt this as well, and – as they say – exchange the truth for a lie. Bottom line, Trump’s performance reflected accurately that he was woefully unprepared, and that he is still a clueless, ranting, flailing, bragging, selfish, bigoted, misogynistic, bloviated, discriminatory, megalomaniac of an oligarch who is out to help only himself and couldn’t give a crap about anyone else. His race for the Presidency is merely a goal to put one more notch on the wall for Trump.

No other first world nation wants a Trump presidency, either. Google, if you will, what our allies and other nations are saying about Trump.He is actually, really, honestly, and totally living in his own reality. The fact that he tweeted that utterly ridiculous image should confirm this. By no stretch of any sane person’s imagination did Trump even come close to winning anything last night, except maybe some nasal spray from his wife.

What’s even more unfortunate is those who will see this picture are actually believe it…

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  1. September 27, 2016 at 6:46 pm

    Amazing how the Trumpettes readily tout their “polling science” as accurate information but complain that the 97% of scientists who say that climate change is real don’t understand facts or science.

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