We Cannot Let Trump Win The Presidency

You thought is acceptance speech was scary?

13781671_1036615146445685_6000288565425762411_nIt’s not the Republican voters that will usher in a neo-facist, racist, anti-science, anti-SOCAS, nationalist separatist, inexperienced, intellectually retarded, buffoon of a demagogue into the highest office in the nation. Yes, as expected, the Republican voters will outnumber Democrats, which normally wouldn’t be a problem in this election cycle given that Trump enjoys little or no support from women and minorities, who make up a majority.

Trump will occupy the Oval Office because of those non-Republicans who are either skipping the election because Sanders isn’t the nominee, or for some rationally inexplicable reason, are under the impression that Trump is a better choice than Clinton. Or, as some are wont, think another anti-science, anti-vaxxer (Stein) actually has a chance of winning.

Look, I supported Sanders. I voted for him in the primaries, made phone calls for him, and handed over actual cash to his campaign. I would have liked to have seen him get nominated. It is clear that the political landscape is changing, but to think it’d be somehow easier to continue the progressive momentum under four years of Trump over four years of Clinton is ludicrous.

I will make this perfectly clear for those who have forgotten history:

A vote for anyone other than Clinton, or not voting at all, is a vote for Trump.

Under a Trump presidency, especially backed by a Republican House and Senate, you will witness the progress that has been made in equality, civil rights, women’s reproductive rights, and many, many other areas be severely curtailed or completely eradicated. You will watch as the Supreme Court becomes an unbalanced and biased mouthpiece for the religious right. You will watch trade deals that have taken decades to accomplish become undone. You will watch as we lose allies of nations that have supported us going back to the first world war. You will watch a continually sharp rise in overt racism. You will witness an even sharper rise in the cost of a college education, further crippling our children. Need I go on?

You thought Trump’s acceptance speech was frightening? Just wait…

You might not like Hillary Clinton. You may even loathe her. But to believe there is little or no difference between her and Trump shows a lack of reasoning that I find both reprehensible and surreal. You want change? Great. So do I. Let’s continue the revolution, but let’s do it smart. With Hillary at the helm, at least we won’t be effectively pissing in a hurricane. Under Trump, it’ll be one step forward, two steps back.

Get out, vote blue, and continue the fight for reform. Don’t let Trump win under any circumstances. Don’t waste your vote. It’s that simple.

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