Denying Climate Change Being Worsened By Humans

Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right

The denial by a majority of Conservatives regarding the reality of climate change, and the effect that humanity has on the rapid changes taking place has risen to frustrating levels. It was only last January that the Senate cast a vote on climate change, which at the time, seemed like an article from The Onion. Last year, a group of politicians got together to vote on whether or not a scientific fact is real or not; that climate change is being worsened by humanity. They voted 50-49 against it. How a vote either for or against a scientific fact can even come to be is perplexing enough. But, it bends the mind even more to realizes the utter willful ignorance of nearly half of the Republican Party Senators when it comes to nearly all things science. They are leading a battle against intelligence.

It completely twists the mind when it is realized that roughly 70 percent of sitting Republican Senators were of the same mind last year, and given what we’ve heard from them since, their ignorance is growing. No, it’s not a surprise, given the fact that Conservative, right-wing Republicans also deny the facts of Evolutionary Theory. For good measure, I’ll even throw in their penchant for wanting control vaginas and uteri with extreme prejudice, and a somewhat skewed understanding of what rape is. But I digress.

Worry not, my friends. This is not going to be a long, drawn out article on the merits of the science of climatology. There are plenty of places to go to read the science, and most of you know where to find it. It’s not exactly a secret. This is merely a rant, because whenever I read or talk to someone who blatantly denies the boatloads of evidence that climate change is real, and humanity is contributing to its substantial worsening, I want to break something. Might as well argue about whether or not the earth is flat.

Oklahoma Republican James Inhofe wrote a book called “The Greatest Hoax: How Global Warming Conspiracy Threatens Your Future.” This man is the chair of the Environment and Public Works Committee. That is a travesty. An analysis from Climate Progress reveals that many of the congressional committees that deal with climate and energy issues are chock-full of climate change deniers:

“On the committee level, 13 out of 21 Republican members of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology, or 62 percent, reject the science behind human-caused global warming, joined by 67 percent, or 21 out of 31 Republican members, of the House Energy and Commerce Committee … In addition to Inhofe, 10 out of 11, or 91 percent, of Republicans on EPW have said climate change is not happening or that humans do not cause it.”

Casting that vote last year was ludicrous, as are all the arguments coming from the right wing sector when it comes to their ridiculous attempts to deny what 97% plus in the scientific and academic community have proved. These Senators were and still are likely still in the pockets of whatever big business stands to lose financially because of climate change. Mainly the big Oil companies. As with their problems with women, immigrants, the LGBT community, and denial of evolution, these points of view are taken from the position of their religion, and their very odd and dangerous interpretation of the bible.

Rant over, but it is painfully obvious that the situation will only get worse with the GOP regarding what seems to be their unending fight against progress as we move forward through 2016. Especially given that there will likely be another Democrat in the White House for the next four years. They continue to spiral out of control, and their base is getting more and more disjointed, ignorant, and belligerent.

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