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Proving again that you CAN polish a turd

e10cac1493e6b54d136172f1150a2f14This isn’t the first nor last time you will read something from me on these people, and for good reason. Some of you might remember the MythBusters episode when they proved that one can, indeed, polish a turd. What they came up with was a beautiful piece of ‘whatever’ one calls a polished turd, but it was completely useless. This is pretty much how I feel about Creation Ministries International.

Their website is a beautiful example of modern technology. Polished, easily navigable, pretty to look at, and full of seemingly valid science, flashy videos, and interactive media. But underneath this veneer of beauty, and much like that polished turd, it stinks. It is completely useless outside of being a propaganda machine geared toward those who either refuse to, or have been forbidden to ask questions and delve into the science that surround the facts of Evolutionary theory.

Here is what you see when you log onto the site:


Notice the “30 Ph.D scientists who believe the bible and its account of origins?” This only proves that there are at least thirty scientists who either bought an online degree, have a discipline that has nothing to do with any of this, or are just plain stupid.

And there’s even a section on how to properly abuse your children via cramming their little, impressionable minds with complete drek, including everything a kid would not be able to stop staring at. Cute cartoon animals and dinosaurs:


Most of us who understand evolution find it hard to even visit the site, as the immediate reaction is one of utter disgust and dismay. What they are peddling as science is little more than snake oil, and those who choose to believe in what they are shoveling out are not only selling themselves short, but contributing to the dumbing down of the human race. That people, even people of faith, continue to believe in young earth creationism, and to willfully deny the facts that are presented via science regarding nature is a total travesty. It’s like jumping off a building believing that gravity somehow doesn’t apply to you, and that you will magically not end up looking like a crushed pizza on the pavement below.

Their website uses the same old, tired and disproved attempts at debunking the science. But those attempts use big, fancy, sciency sounding words. Coupled with propaganda that science has an agenda to kill God, and admonitions from religious leaders to stay away, people are leaving the website thinking they have found ‘real science’ that proves the crap that is young earth creationism. Then the take this home to their kids, and teach it to them as if it were somehow real.

Here is an example of some of the articles that can be found on this site:


There’s a whole section just on geology, which is not really geology. It’s more of a ‘how to teach bullshit that we like to label as geology.’ Here’s an example of what’s available there:


The section on biology? Yeah, more of the same garbage:


Their multimedia section is also a well-polished propaganda machine. Professional sets, graphics, and lighting effects are mixed with newsy and sciency bits that make the ignorant (both willfully and nominally) believe they are watching a legitimate program:



To top it off, they have a snazzy, legitimate looking magazine that is promoted as a scientific periodical, with claims of holding ‘peer reviewed’ articles and research. More shiny turds here:


Creation Ministries is not just a web-based propaganda machine. They also have a list of professionally trained speakers and presenters that get booked at local churches all over the country. Their programs include a presentation to the adults, and material for the kids, all geared to further brainwash their victims into denying reality. This is not an anti-Christian point of view. There are plenty of legitimate, mainline Christian denominations that have fully embraced the facts of evolutionary theory, and have had no problem incorporating into their theology.

No, this is an anti-stupidity and anti-ignorance point of view. Thus, those churches and institutions that cater to these snake oil salesman by not only giving them a venue to spew forth their vomitous bile, but by inflicting it on the kids, have lost most of my respect. Those churches and institutions that offer their venue even if they don’t believe, but want the money that comes with the crowds that these people attract, have lost the rest of it. That’s what we call a corporate sellout.

The material provided by these people abandons anything that even remotely approaches scientific research. Their investigation takes place almost solely using literary references, and not laboratory experimentation. What results is horrifically inaccurate, misinformed and unscientific evidence against evolution. They are attempting to prove the myth by disproving the science – a formula that is put forth in vain because most creationists have not, for reasons of willful ignorance, bothered to study the facts of evolution from scientific sources. They use references from other creationists and/or refuse to study evolution because their religious leaders told them not to, for a variety of superstitious reasons.

In the end, scientists have to work twice as hard to get the facts accepted by a dumbed down public, as well as further research dollars from the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology because it is full of members who deny evolution, climate change and other verified, world wide accepted science. Getting money for research that will further our knowledge base and make us competitive and aligned with much of the rest of first world nations should be a no-brainer. Instead, it’s like pissing into a hurricane.

What’s the answer? There are several. My favorite is (at every possible point) promoting science and also promoting the debunking of anything that contradicts it. The people at Creation Ministries International are nothing more than common thieves, stealing from humanity the very information that can help us grow into a more responsible, well learned, and savvy species. Instead, they are part of a larger compendium of science deniers which seem bent on destroying our planet, and raping it of natural resources. They are systematically sucking the intelligence out of us, and replacing it with magical fairy tales of world wide floods, the entirety of the plant and animal kingdom living on a boat, talking animals, living for three days in a fish underwater, humans living with dinosaurs, and the utterly ridiculous notion that the earth is younger than the length of time we’ve been brewing beer.

We need to snap out of it.


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  1. Barry Johnstone
    April 11, 2016 at 10:43 pm

    Eye-candy – which leads to brain-candy, and we all know too much sugar and candy is BAD for you.Cover all of this with its obligatory sauce of thick and gooey bull-pucky and there you have it. Bull-pucky for ALL!

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