Science Denial Among Conservative Republicans

The right-wing propaganda machine is in overdrive

wing_nutIt would appear that a growing number of right-wing conservative Republicans are becoming less and less in tune with the realities of life in this universe. The propaganda machines that consist of Fox News, World News Network, One News Now, The Drudge Report, Brietbart, Town Hall, Red State and the like, along with the various Conservative pundits that infect the media, have been pounding away against the door of reality, eventually breaking it down and allowing countless numbers of people to fall through into a land of fantasy and often utter and sheer stupidity.

From the anti-vaxxers to the climate change deniers, from the 911 truthers to the birthers, from the chemtrailers to those who seem to hate minorities, from those who are clueless about human sexuality to those who wish to regulate women, the list of completely idiotic things that are uttered, believed and unbelieved is causing conservatives to become a parody of themselves, leaving the rest of us to shake our heads in dismay and left with an undeniably depressing feeling that our future is doomed.

We are a gullible breed, as Agent K stated so profoundly in the movie “Men In Black.” The ability that right wing Conservatives have to simply believe what they are told without the benefit of research, fact checking and investigation is phenomenal. Every day there are countless posts on my social networks from the right wing that illicit a reaction that can only be summed up as “WTF?” That conservatives practically worship people like Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Phyllis Shlafley, Janet Mefford, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, and the gaggle of narrow-minded, racist, discriminatory bigots is indicative of how far they have slid down the evolutionary tree in terms of intelligence and wisdom.

To top it off, the talking heads on Fox and the like, as well as conservative politicians, regularly invoke their twisted brand of Christianity into the mix, claiming that their reprehensible points of view are somehow what Jesus would do, from being racist, to screwing the poor, to damning the sick, to awful suggestions on how to handle “the gay problem,” to their hatred of Muslims (and brown people in general), to unfettered and unchecked gun rights, to the various “stand your ground” laws, and just about everything that Jesus didn’t represent, including torture, Capitalism and mixing religion and politics.

The latest batshittery to come across my news feed is a press release that was issued by the Public Policy Polling, which asked a series of questions to Republicans on everything from George Bush to the Constitution. It goes right along with the Conservative Republicans who don’t know what rape is, cannot figure out that the stomach and vagina are not connected, and think cancer can be cured by flushing it with salt water.

Here are a few of their responses from the Poll. Below is the entirety in an embedded PDF that can also be downloaded:

(Republicans) Do you believe in global warming or not?
Believe in global warming 25%
Do not believe in global warming 66%
Not sure 10%
(Republicans) Do you believe in evolution or not?
Believe in evolution 37%
Do not believe in evolution 49%
Not sure 13%
(Republicans) Would you support or oppose establishing Christianity as the national religion?
Support establishing Christianity as the national religion 57%
Oppose establishing Christianity as the national religion 30%
Not sure 13%

I won’t even get into how beliefs have no effect on facts, or ask which version of Christianity would be the one to rule, as there are tens of thousands of different denominations, sects and cults.

Be that as it may, my hope is that one day these dinosaurs become as extinct as their real life counterparts, relegated in the annals of history as an unfortunate blip in the humansphere. But, I doubt this will happen because of the sheer amount of money that is poured into their lies by the 1%. Money talks, folks, and right now that money is on the side of all that is bad and wrong.

Here’s the full document from Public Policy Polling:

Download (PDF, 267KB)

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  1. February 28, 2015 at 4:30 am

    “The ability that right wing Conservatives have to simply believe what they are told without the benefit of research, fact checking and investigation is phenomenal.”

    It is explainable though. They often go to church and have been trained over many years not to question, along with the ‘virtues’ of blind faith and obedience.

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