What Would Jesus Do?

By Ray Dickerson - Guest Writer

What would Jesus do, you ask? All we have to go by are the scriptures found in the Bible to understand the answer. If any subject were important enough, it would have been included as a witness to his legacy. If someone calls themselves a “follower of Christ”, it would be expected that the things they do in his name would follow his legacy, which begs another question; What would Jesus not do?

According to the scriptures, Jesus wouldn’t deny someone service because they were any different than them, in fact, he surrounded himself with sinners. Jesus wouldn’t deny someone health because they were poor. He wouldn’t be so spring loaded for war and dream of the day where his enemies were all killed. He was against public prayer and forcing everyone who believed otherwise to be involved. Never spoke out against gays, never mentioned abortion or birth control, never called the poor “lazy”, never justified torture and never fought for tax cuts for the wealthiest Nazarines.

Jesus was radical, he didn’t follow rules but he broke them peacefully. He was anti-establishment. He wasn’t American, wasn’t Christian and never spoke a word of English, in fact he had brown skin and was a homeless middle eastern Jew.

So what would Jesus do? He would allow any gay, atheist, Muslim, criminal or any demographic other than his own into his presence, he embraced the outcasts. He restored broken lives, not try to tear them down further. He would preach love, peace, tolerance and community. I wonder if a few radical “Christians” have even been paying attention to his words I hear them use their “Christian beliefs” as an excuse to be bigoted toward anyone not like them. Anything different is pure hypocrisy and Jesus was known to confront hypocrisy.

Christianity has fallen far away from the things that Jesus taught. Jesus was a “bleeding heart liberal” as I hear so many conservatives use as a derogatory term, as though they are mocking Jesus himself. I wonder how Jesus would feel, knowing that millions are doing so in his name. He was a polar opposite of an American conservative. In fact, liberals should take Jesus back. Conservatives have shunned his legacy, anyway. Liberals are more represented by Jesus than the conservatives. You aren’t defending your Christian beliefs, you’re defending your right to be an intolerant, war mongering, gay/atheist/woman shaming, hateful bigot.

You have two logical options, stop calling yourself “Christian” or begin living a life of love, peace and acceptance. Until then, you are in danger of having your Jesus revoked unless you completely revisit your world view and re-ask yourself, “What would Jesus do?”


482289_387838541234406_1270744917_nRay Dickerson is an avid freethinker and founder of the Spalding Freethought Society in Georgia.

The Spalding Freethought Society is a friendly organization for freethinkers, atheists, agnostics, humanists, non-theists, and any theist who is open-minded about religious beliefs are just as welcome.

Ray is an atheist, but is willing to become agnostic with any shred of evidence to the contrary, stating the evidence remains elusive.

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