Fundamental Christianity Degrades the Human Race

JesusDeadIt’s no secret that I have a genuine problem with Fundamental Christianity. I reason it puts the whole of humanity in a place of degradation. The doctrine that teaches followers they are ‘filthy rags‘ in the sight of God, and demands their lives be spent atoning for all that Scripture accuses is particularly harmful. These fundamental believers are beset with demands to obey utterly horrific commands and accept doctrines that teach hatred, discrimination and bigotry.

These beliefs do not strengthen the follower of fundamentalism. Many mainstream believers have a healthy skepticism and honed skills in critical thought, but the fundamentalists stumble through a dense jungle of delusion without the tools, strength or knowledge necessary to clear away the tangled growth that enslaves them.

Heaven Can Wait…

The more extreme versions of fundamental Christianity impresses upon its followers that the worth of a human life is placed only in the ‘hereafter,’ and not in our existence in the here and now. Unlike their mainstream counterparts, they do not engage in humanitarian efforts, charity, etc. They remain secluded within the safety of their own. Unlike their mainstream counterparts who may fight for the lives of the unborn, but then hold that life precious from the moment it is born, then throughout their life-long spiritual journey, the fundamentalist believes that the minute a child enters the world, it becomes evil and unworthy. According to this doctrine, a person does not regain the favor of God until they either utter a prescribed prayer, or subjugates themselves to a life of sacrifice to hopefully tilt the scales of an eternity in heaven in their favor. In the mean time, they go through life feeling disgusting in the eyes of God, and deserving of whatever misfortune comes their way.

The fact remains that radical, fundamental religions are an active and constant menace to civilization. I find it amusing that so many Christian fundamentalists are screaming out about the evils of Islamic extremists, when they are behaving no better, and their interpretation of the bible is just as rancid as the radical Muslim’s interpretation of the Koran.

Fundamentalist Religion is nothing more than a detriment. The mainstream believers, as well as unbelievers, have a responsibility to call out the egregious behavior of the fundamentalists, whom thrive on bigotry, hatred and discrimination. If you wonder why I am sometimes so intolerant of fundamental religious belief, it is because I have come to realize that this form of belief has the human race staggering backward, teaching that intellect and reason should be distrusted.

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