Jennifer Summer – Telling Stories In Pictures

“A portrait is not made in the camera but on either side of it.” – Edward Steichen

Jennifer Summer takes pictures. Actually, that’s an unfair statement. It’s like saying William Shakespeare writes stories. To be more accurate, Jennifer Summer is more like a hunter whose prey are moments in time. She has the ability to capture entire concepts in the split second it takes to click the “shoot” button on her camera. Anyone can take a picture, but to frame an idea into a multitude of emotion and give it back to the world in a way that literally takes your breath away takes genuine talent; a sort of “second sight” that seems to be reserved for a special brand of individual.

When I look at Jennifer’s photographs, I am not viewing pictures. I am reading a story in images that allows my mind to experience so much more than what the blind eye can see in the fleeting moments that make up moving time. In one, single image, Jennifer can capture a lifetime, and I’ve been

A Fan For Many Years…

I’ve known Jennifer Summer for quite a while. She is a striking woman, whose beauty is only surpassed by her photography. Being a writer and author, myself, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing a lot of photographers over the years, and they are an eclectic bunch, indeed. Jennifer is no exception, but her ability to look at something in a way that most people cannot see and then transform it into her own, unique gift to the rest of us, is why I would expect nothing less. I am not quite sure how she does it, or what is floating around inside her head, but it’s obviously something that most others just don’t have. For that, I am thankful because it has given me years of joy and has made me a forever fan.

Her art is unique, comprising an eclectic collection of stunning self-portraits, captured moments of her young son and various other persons that range from heavenly to haunting. Each frame weaving an individual tale of its own, but when encompassed in a collection, encapsulates an encyclopedia of imagery that reveals the multiplicity that is within us all. Jennifer’s photographs capture her free spirit without binding it, which allow the rest of us a glimpse into her mind; to be able to see what she sees in a way that most of us never can, on our own.

She attributes the genesis of her love of photography to her young son, Dakota. From her website:

“It wasn’t until the birth of my son that I picked up the camera…  My understanding of and love for photography grew alongside my child. His new smiles blossomed and my lens eagerly devoured every one. In a way, you could say that he taught me how to really see. I realized that the light isn’t ours to own; it’s merely borrowed and reflected back; that moment preservation is as humbling as anything I’d experienced; and that there was a deep beauty swimming beneath almost every surface.

“It was merely a matter of holding your breath and diving in to find it. Art is the most delicious salve. It heals, it renews, it awakens, it sets me free. It may not be a cure, but it can transform pain into something less ugly, something that can only enrich who we already are and that in and of itself is a miracle. I am an artist because I am also a survivalist.”

Indeed, Jennifer. To find out more about this unique, talented and wonderful artist, visit her website. Take a look around, check out her portfolio. I am honored to count her as a friend, and look forward to many more years of reading her stories in pictures and taking a glimpse into the life of one of the best photographers around.

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