On Trolls, Poe’s And Other Interwebz Batshittery…

Admit it.  You’ve been duped.  We all have from time to time.  For the moderate to light Facebooker, it’s not that much of a big deal, as troll threads generally initiate a huge number of replies and any one given comment is usually buried.  For those of us who have a lot of followers, however, the onus is a little more ominous.  An ominous onus, if you will.   I have about 11,000 or so Facebook friends, fans, followers and supporters, so when I post something, it has a pretty wide reach.  When I post something wrong, it still has that same wide reach.

Today I posted a video in my popular “Batshittery” category which brings attention to what I call “Professional Tinfoilers.”  It was a video of a girl with a rant that is somewhat familiar to the now infamous TamTamPamela.  I was fooled.  Totally, completely and unequivocally fooled.  I thought it was real, and given the attention and comments this video has garnered throughout the Interwebz, so were a lot of people.  As I said, it happens.  I’ve got 1500 news feeds coming in that I pick from every day when I post my 20 or so threads for the day’s conversations.   This one made it in and my friends out there who are adept at digging into these things had made no haste in notifying the rest of us that she was a troll.

But why do we fall for these?  Are we stupid?  No, not by a long shot.  The reason we are duped is because the possibility of it NOT being the work of a troll is VERY high.  Unlike conspiracy theories, which are obvious, statements and videos by trolls and aficionado’s of the art of the Poe reflect actual beliefs of millions of people.   They could be genuine because in most cases they are. The example I cited in today’s threads is a troll, indeed, but the sheer number of fundies who actually believe what this little girl was spouting out are not.  They actually believe this way and are drop-dead serious when they tout these beliefs.

One of my FB friends had stated that FB Atheists haven’t really earned enough stripes to be pointing the finger and calling theists gullible.  My response was that we already figured out she was a troll, it is the Theists who are gullible. As a general rule, when an atheist is proved wrong, we will fully admit it. Can’t say that for Theists. They fall for the scam of religion every day.

Religion, by virtue of what they require, are all scams and those who believe in them are gullible. Each religion teaches that theirs is the unadulterated truth without the benefit of evidence.  It doesn’t matter what the statement, product or service is. A scam is a scam when it makes claims it cannot support and when the results are something other than what was promised.  Religion cannot prove their doctrines true, including the very existence of their gods, angels, demons, miracles, etc. Every single shred of alleged evidence that is brought forth by a believer is based on hearsay, religious tradition or circular logic, but when these points are brought to the table in discussion or debate, they are refuted based on the very points of accusation.  They believe what they believe because they heard it in a sermon, learned it in their religious instruction or read it in their holy books and for most believers, there is no convincing otherwise.  Religion is the ultimate troll on humanity.

Thus, I have been proved wrong about the video I posted, just as I have been proved wrong about TamTamPamela.  I take my lumps, acknowledge my error and happily admit my being duped. Still, what about the Christians who are shaking their heads in agreement with our troll?

Think about it…


Al Stefanelli is the author of “A Voice Of Reason In An Unreasonable World – The Rise Of Atheism On Planet earth.”  He also writes for the National Atheism Examiner and Yahoo! He is also the President and Founder of the United Atheist Front, wich can be found on the Web, Facebook, Twitter, Podbean and YouTube.

  3 comments for “On Trolls, Poe’s And Other Interwebz Batshittery…

  1. May 13, 2011 at 12:35 pm

    That is an awesome piece of art there! Bravo!

    But it looks a little like Barack Obama, just sayin’.

  2. Sandman
    May 16, 2011 at 5:29 am

    Mate….if millions of people can be fooled by the f*ckwittery and flummery pulled every day by the snake oil salesmen of faith, then one rational man falling for a clever net scam is a minor thing 😉

    The difference my friend is that you have integrity and are a big enough person to admit your faults….and laugh at yourself for falling.

    I will await the Pope and mullahs coming out and saying…”err…this stuff Ive been saying….it seems it is in fact all bullsh*t.”

    As Buddy Holly said… That’ll Be The Day.

    • May 16, 2011 at 9:59 am

      Imagine if all the religious leaders got together and put out a press release that said, “Lol, just kidding”

      Thanks, as usual, for your thoughts, my friend!

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