The Butterfly Effect: 12 Dead In Afghanistan

A Koran Burns In Florida Causes Murders In Kabul

Now we can add five civilians and seven U.N. employees to the death toll and another seventy-three injuries that can be attributed to religion. The situation started as hundreds gathered in Kandahar to protest the burning of the Koran, and although things started off peacefully, it didn’t take long for it to turn violent. A school was set on fire, along with the obligatory burning of vehicles. A dollar amount has not been released yet as to the cost of the damages

Many people are wondering about this, because it was widely reported that Pastor Terry Jones had decided not to hold his “International Burn a Quran Day” on the ninth anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.  And they are right, he did not go through with that event, but he and his church did hold another event, this one inside the church.

The event that sparked this round of religious murders was for his “International Judge the Koran Day.” The event was posted on the church website, along with a headline that read, “The event is over, the Koran was found guilty and a copy was burned inside the building.”  Included was an image of a burning Koran.

In a move of epic irony, Pastor Jones issued a statement condemning the violence as “A very tragic and criminal action.” 

Now, I ask you, dear readers, how many more murders in the name of one god or another will it take before eenough people realize, once and for all, that fundamentalist religions need to be eradicated from our planet? We turn on the television, open a browser or fire up our news apps every goddamned day and read about someone getting murdered, beheaded, tortured and/or hung and are inundated with untold wars, violence and destruction.

Seriously, there isn’t a day that goes by without this shit!  We’ve got the radical Islamists, fundamental Christians, zealous Jews and various cult varieties of these three horrifically psychotic, sociopathic Abrahamic religions constantly spewing forth their vomitous hatred, terrible acts of violence, unacceptable violations of basic human rights and a constant, unending determinism to convert Earth into a giant, world-dominated theocracy.

All of these people are insane.  Their minds are infected by a virus that is not only killing them, but it is destroying our species and our planet.  Every single one of these fucking idiots need copious amounts of  psychiatric help, and if that doesn’t do the trick, then perhaps mass lobotomies are in order.  Why do we allow this to continue?  What is so hard to understand that the “everyone has a right to believe” mantra ends when that belief infringes on the right to breath of another human being?  What is so difficult to understand that humanity has a responsibility to stop this? Does the sovereignty of a nation preclude our responsibility as a species to get in the faces of these religious fanatics and scream, “Fuck you!  You are done killing people, you are done blowing shit up. Either you stop what your are doing right now, hand over your weapons, get mental help to abandon your rediculous devotion to non-existent invisible friends, join the rest of the world in the twenty-first century or the collective of sane humanity will do it for you

Theocracies do not work.  They never have.  They never will.  The only thing that comes from the forced governance by theocratic rule is more death and destruction.  That is an undisputed fact.  I cannot wrap my head around why these people are still allowed to continue in their efforts?  And I am not just talking about the Islamic nutjobs with their bombs and RPG’s.  Included in this group of sick, twisted and sorry excuses for human beings are all those fundamental Christians here in the United States. Specifically the fundamental Christian politicians.  It is a very sad refleciton on the USA that we’ve got so many politicians that can determine what is legal and illegal who still believe in creation, talking animals, magical trees, blood sacrifices and all the other utterly rediculous bullshit that is crammed in the sixty-six fairy tales that make up the bible.

Religion is a virus, it is an infectious disease and it needs to be removed from our society before it kills every living thing on the planet. If people want to believe in a supreme being and it gives them comfort, hope and peace in their lives then fine.  Whatever.  Believe in your god.  But religion, with it’s doctrines, dogmas and commands to kill the infidels, apostates and blasphemers needs to stop. 


 Al Stefanelli is the author of “A Voice Of Reason In An Unreasonable World – The Rise Of Atheism On Planet earth.”  He also writes for the National Atheism Examiner and Yahoo! He is also the Predident and Founder of the United Atheist Front, wich can be found on the Web, Facebook, Twitter, Podbean and YouTube

  2 comments for “The Butterfly Effect: 12 Dead In Afghanistan

  1. Artor
    April 3, 2011 at 1:47 pm

    Hey Al, don’t mince words, why don’t you tell us what you really think? /snark

    I agree whole-heartedly. The world religions are a colossal Milgram experiment. So long as there is some “Authority,” that sez it’s okay to lie, murder, rape, abuse, etc. there are going to be otherwise good people that go “…okay, if you say so…” It not only victimizes good people, but it takes good people & turns them into monsters.

  2. Sandman
    April 5, 2011 at 8:43 am

    Well said that man!

    Mate I can assure you there is another secondary effect to this book burner stupidity.

    See in the UK these sorts of acts, or the disgusting hate filled pickets by the WBC, are classed as hate crimes. The UK populace just doesnt understand and never will.

    So what is also happening is a groundswell of anger, and increasing cries to separate ourselves from the US and its madass provocative actions. This got 4 Ghurkas killed, all of whom having been in the Army would have held UK citizenship. The Ghurkas are very well respected and loved, and we take their deaths badly. It comes on a wave of reporting in the UK press about your chaplins evangelising in Afghanistan and pissing off the nutballs. It comes after the idiots who painted “Jesus Killed Mohammed” on their BFV and caused riots and an uptick in attacks. And on and on and on.

    So next time one of your idiot right wing dunderhead politicians kicks off a crusade for Jeebus, you may well just find theres one less ally to count on.

    I admire that the US has protected free speech, but for hells sake there is a DIFFERENCE between free speech and hate speech. Why is it the US is the only western country that cant see that?

    Its time the US learned the difference, as the rest of the west, and my countrymen in particular, are getting sick of paying your butcher bills.

    Keep on hammering at that anvil mate!

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