Christianity: Delusion and Arrogance Continue…

Chayim writes in to say, “ha! you are EXACTLY the kind of person that Jesus Christ died to heal. You might not care about somebody’s personal testimony, and that is fine…but mark my words honey…you’re gonna give your heart to Christ one day, because He is going to prove Himself to be real to you…and then He is going to use YOU to promote His Gospel”

This is a reply to one of my recent blog posts. Responses like these are not uncommon, and this one reveals just one example of the unfettered arrogance of the religious fundamentalist.  I like to call these people “wrong.”    This particular individual is making presumptive statements as if Jesus were an actual historical person, which we know is patently untrue.  A quick glance at the history of religions will reveal that Jesus was an amalgamation of many saviors from different revealed religions.

But I digress…

I am to mark this person’s words, because pretty soon now I am going to lose my sanity and begin having hallucinations of some bearded, burly two-thousand-year-old Palestinian suddenly revealing himself to me in some grand gesture that will prove to me, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that a cosmic Jewish Zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree.  (I never get tired of reading that)

Moreover, once I am convinced of the reality of Jesus, I will grab up a handy bible or two and meander around town and try to convince other people that my delusion is real, and that they should happily join me in my compromised mental state.

Like believers in all religions, the person who wrote that comment to me is suffering from the mental illness of delusion.  She needs psychiatric help.  Judging from her one comment, this person is probably not outwardly psychotic, but is in denial of reality, history, science and reason. This person holds a preference to fairy tales, impossibilities and outright untruths.

The religious need to understand that no matter how much they want to believe, how much they think they have felt “his” presence, how they think he has guided their hand, how many prayers they think were answered, what they were taught by their parents or how scared shitless they are of going to hell, there is no god.  There never was.  They were lied to.

The comfort that religion offers is a ruse.  The charity that religions proffer comes at an unacceptable price.   The hope that religion brings is false.   It is time to move on.   There is no longer a place for religion in our society, in our government, in our classrooms, in our medical profession, in our legal system, in our childcare, in our communities or in our homes.

Believing imbecilic and superstitious concepts as truth is a travesty and an insult to the human species.   It is unconscionable that people still believe in such things as a young earth, the creation of every living thing as it currently appears, that prayer actually has results that cannot be explained by science, that a human sacrifice has atoned for our sins, that homosexuality is anything other than naturally occurring or in any one of the literally hundreds of other aspects of religious dogma and doctrine that should have been abandoned centuries ago.

What is more damaging than even the physical death and destruction that religion continues to wreak on our species is the mental death and destruction religious beliefs inflict.  The mind is what defines our species.  The ability to discern fact from fiction is what advances our society.  When the gene pool is infected with religious belief it dilutes our collective evolution and stymies our intellectual growth.

For those of us who are unbelievers, evil can best be described as the abandonment of our minds to the minds of others.  To us, it is a travesty to blindly accept any doctrine on faith.  We believe that the ability and willingness to stand alone, when necessary, and tell the majority that they are wrong is the pinnacle of virtue, and thus, atheism is the only honest, rational, and moral position to hold.


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  2. January 27, 2011 at 4:15 am

    the sad thing is that she seems to think that just “believing” is all that is required to be “saved”, and that spreading “the word”, is to be done with actual words..

    that woman is judgemental (Mat 7:1), and obviously hasn’t sold everything she owns and given that money to the poor (Luke 18:22), isn’t very meek (Mat 5:5), would probably retaliate if someone hit her (Mat 5:39), wouldn’t give away her jacket if someone took her coat (Luke 6:29), probably would not let somebody kill her (Mat 10:28), and would probably not let herself die for the sake of Jesus. (Mat 16:25)

    actually I doubt she has actually read the bible at all, or has “skimmed” it without actually taking in the underlying message because most of it was too hard too understand.

    what she has done is made out that her word on the “Jesus matter” is what you should believe, she’s not touting what Jesus said, she’s touting what she has to say about what she believes, thereby missing the point completely of the JC message.

    it seems to be that her *belief* in Jesus is more important than actually *doing* what those beliefs allegedly taught her. she *wants* to be *seen* as being a believer, so I doubt she knows Matthew 6:5… which basically says “don’t brag about being a believer”!

    so it seems far more accurate to say that this woman is asking you to believe *her* and not follow these notions of peace, love, and togetherness that her Messiah allegedly touted.

    which for my mind, is proof that her Jesus doesn’t exist, except in her brain, and that this little preaching session of hers, is her own affirmation that she is believer, designed to feed her own ego, which she mistakenly has identified as being Jesus, at least in part.

    at least when non-believers worship themselves, they cut out the middle man by not labelling their egos, “Jesus” or “god”

    at the very least she has missed the point, as she is supposed to “spread the word” by being nice to other people… “the word” isn’t the bible, “the word” is supposed to be “love”, and “The Gospel”, is to be kind to all people, at all times… ie. that’s *way* too hard, who can possibly be nice to everyone at all times? it’s much easier to tell yourself that you are nice, all the time, than it is to *be* nice all the time.

    but being nice, is how most people behave anyway, as society hasn’t totally fallen into anarchy, yet. which is more proof that her Jesus is only in her brain, as we’re all generally the same to each other, we’re generally nice, if somewhat apathetic; some of us are “gooder” and some “badder” than the others – but this woman is just saying that she’s “good”, without giving us proof via her actions that she actually is, because she wants you to accept that she believes in Jesus, thereby she has given herself the right to put herself into the “good” basket, and thereby making herself out to be *better* than you are, because the difference between her and you, is that you are not a believer, but we both know, that being a believer has nothing to do with being a moral person.

    Jesus is not a gold pass giving the holder an automatic “good” rating, being a christian is supposed to be *Earned*

    children also want you to believe that they are good, just because they say so.

    these religious outbursts have probably got some evolutionary links as well, as they are probably some sort of appeal to the group mentality, the bigger the pack, the more chance the pack will survive, although pumping up your own ego is a far more likely and relevant explanation given her selfishness over trying to guilt trip you into believing.

  3. waltinseattle
    January 28, 2011 at 1:49 pm

    Although a poor prescriptionist, Karl Marx was a pretty good diagnostician. One stands out: Religion is the opiate of the masses.

    Judging by some personal reactions lately, some (abortion is the haulocaust krew) have a real GORILLA on their back. What with that false profit who dared rename their own god and proclaim him the only one, why it says his name right there plain as English in the K.J. version…

  4. Sandman
    January 30, 2011 at 7:22 am

    Allow me if you will to apply my logic scalpel:

    “ha! you are EXACTLY the kind of person that Jesus Christ died to heal.”

    Well, honey, as Al spends a lot of time in a wheelchair hes doing a pretty crappy job of healing him so far.

    “You might not care about somebody’s personal testimony,”

    Possibly because atheists tend to be realists and put evidence before emotive unrealities and personal perceptions.

    “and that is fine…but mark my words honey…you’re gonna give your heart to Christ one day,”

    No honey he aint. Dont you get that or are you just deluded? Ah…the latter.

    “because He is going to prove Himself to be real to you”

    well hes had 2000 years to prove he is real and so far hes failed miserably except to people like you who ignore reality…face it hon he has as much chance of proving he is real as Sherlock Holmes, another fictional character.

    “…and then He is going to use YOU to promote His Gospel”

    So this is Jesus the Facist Slave Driver is it….an entity who uses people against their will? Nice….if thats the case Id rather rot in Hell by my own choice thanks.

    Do yourself a favour hon, read American Facists and learn just how you have been manipulated and lied to. Then come back and apologise for insulting Al.

    Have a nice day!

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