Rev. Bentley, Bishop of Alabama

Alabamians have spoken.  As predicted, they have chosen another Republican governor.  Dr. Robert Bentley is now the top dog and it is apparent that the Alabamians who voted him into office did not have a good enough grasp on reality to embrace the fact that Bentley, a Deacon and Sunday School Teacher at First Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa, four-time Chairman of the Board of Deacons, a member of the Youth for Christ Advisory Board and a member of the Family Counseling Advisory Board will be a further detriment to the intellectual growth of the state.

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Bentley delivered a speech that included,

”I was elected as a Republican candidate. But once I became governor … I became the governor of all the people. I intend to live up to that. I am color blind.  …  But if you have been adopted in God’s family like I have, and like you have if you’re a Christian and if you’re saved, and the Holy Spirit lives within you just like the Holy Spirit lives within me, then you know what that makes? It makes you and me brothers. And it makes you and me brother and sister. … Now I will have to say that, if we don’t have the same daddy, we’re not brothers and sisters. So anybody here today who has not accepted Jesus Christ as their savior, I’m telling you, you’re not my brother and you’re not my sister, and I want to be your brother.”

Bentley has made ridiculous statements that refer to the USA being a Christian nation, founded on Christian Biblical principals, which is patently untrue and unsupported by the countless historical documents on file, as well as the very text of our secular Constitution.  Bentley, a dermatologist by trade, also holds an advanced degree in biology, which makes his position as a creationist bizarre.  What makes his position dangerous is that he is also a former member of the state Board of Education and no doubt still has connections there which, as Governor, can make him very influential.

Bentley has supported the “teaching of the controversy” in Alabama public schools and does not seem to understand that if the youth of Alabama are taught biblical creationism in the classroom, the state has no hope of advancing their position near the statistical bottom of scholastic knowledge and achievement. Accuracy in the sciences is imperative if they are to successfully compete in a national and global arena. Teaching science from the bible is a failure on every level. Science is study of natural forces only and ceases being science when it tries to explain phenomenon by means of the supernatural. Creationism exists only for religious purposes and it abandons anything that even remotely approaches scientific research.

His support of public school instructors being allowed to teach from the bible, and that they should be allowed to lead voluntary prayers is proof positive that Ignorance knows no bounds. The negative impact of a Bentley Governorship on matters concerning the education of our children, as well as First Amendment issues has yet to be seen, but judging from the good doctors past, there leaves little doubt that Alabama will remain mired in the dark ages for another four years.

Revisionist history and mythical fairy tales are not what we need in our government, nor taught in our public schools. It is not a far stretch of the imagination to any degree that a Texas-style textbook massacre could be imminent if Alabama stays it’s course regarding the education of our children.  The freedoms of all Americans, not just Alabamians, are being steadily stripped away and our precious constitution is being gang-raped, strangled and left bleeding to death.  The blatant abrogation of the constitutional rights of the citizens of Alabama seems to be a requirement for the Alabama GOP, which is doing nothing to stem the tide that, of left unchecked, will destroy the United States as a secular nation

With Bentley in office, Alabama Atheists and Freethinkers must make a more concerted and organized effort to keep watch on the powers that be and make sure that they are kept in check, are called out on constitutional violations and are met with raised voices whenever or wherever religion threatens to stain the fabric of secular life in this bible belted red state.  In this part of the country it will not take very much for unbelievers to lose ground on the their personal freedoms and end up having to go back into the underground that it took them so long to crawl out from.  Looks like the unbelievers of Alabama will have to get even more aggressive.

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  1. pwl
    January 19, 2011 at 2:20 am

    The Theocratic State of Alabama now ruled by Dr. Robert Bentley, a man in a state of delusion.

  2. Sandman
    January 20, 2011 at 4:45 am

    Allo Bro!

    Well be content that this idiot has got the good state of Alabama reported not only in your national press for his statement of bigotry, but across the globe. Papers in the UK and Germany have picked up on this story….the main question being asked is “what happened to the separation of church and state?” Comments are reported not just from pissed off atheists, but also Jews, Muslims and even Buddhists.

    Y see in the UK a parliamentarian representative that said what he said would be expelled from his party, then censured and thrown out of office. He wouldnt have even got in in the first place, as here a politician has to be secular to get voted in – we hate religious freaks and never elect em.

    Man you guys are heading down a real rocky and slippery slope.

    Thing is scum like this have always got skeletons in the closet, and always bugger things up eventually. Dig deep, watch like hawks. Spot a scandal and make it big and public, and send this Inquisitor General packing asap….hes making you a laughing stock.

    Good luck mates.

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