Another Child Dead, Another Christian Parent In Jail

TULSA – Mia Fleming of Fox News Channel 23 in Tulsa reported on a story about a woman named Susan Grady, who relied on prayer to heal her son.  Nine-year-old Aaron Grady died and Susan Grady was arrested Friday morning, booked into the Tulsa County Jail.  Susan was a member of the “Church of the First Born” and believes in faith-based healing through prayer. In spite of the fact that he was getting progressively worse, she continued to pray and have others pray for her son, who died of complications from diabetes.

Case after case after case of what amounts to a parent being responsible for the death of their own child serves nothing more than to solidify what the reasonable people of the world already know.  Prayer does not work, and in the instances where it appears to, it is nothing more than a coincidence or the power of positive thinking on behalf of the patient.  Personally, I don’t give a shit about anyone’s personal testimony, what they feel or what they think they have witnessed.  It does not work because there is no god to listen or to answer.  They might as well be praying to a Cabbage Patch doll.  People who believe they can heal others, or that their god heals them, or that they can “feel” energies being released are delusional.  Religion is nothing more than superstition, a neurological disorder, and the beliefs that surround and encompass religion are a form of mental illness.

An article in the Journal of Pediatrics examined the deaths of 172 children from families who relied upon faith healing from 1975 to 1995. They concluded that four out of five ill children who died under the care of faith healers or being left to prayer only would most likely have survived if they had received medical care. Eighty-one percent of the deaths were caused by conditions that had a medical survival rate of 90%. Many die from the promotion of health by faith through gullible people stubbornly believe that prayer works.  They firmly believe that their god, the one who they believe created the entire cosmos, takes requests.

According to the 1944 case of Prince v. Massachusetts: “The right to practice religion freely does not include liberty to expose the community or the child to communicable disease or the latter to ill-health or death.”  The First Amendment does not give parents the right to use religion to endanger their children’s health. Faith healing does not work.  It kills children.  Innocent lives are being lost due to mentally ill parents who are not fit to raise children. Natural healing processes are being lauded as miraculous cures, while a simple change in emotional state can be responsible.  Divine intervention is not the cause of spontaneous recoveries, which are known to happen to all people, even atheists.  Although science does not completely understand all of these occurrences, they are decreasing and being better understood as time marches on.

The time of believing in a god in heaven who is looking down onto earth and answering the prayers of Christians has come and gone. In the same way that the pyramids of the Egyptians were pointless, and the Roman temples were pointless, and the human sacrifices of the Aztecs were pointless, praying to God is pointless. As I have pointed out, you might as well be talking to your favorite stuffed animal.

Children are dying as a result of ignorance, both blind and willful, that still pervades one of the most advanced nations on the planet. In spite of all the advances we have made in the field of medical science in the last century, many of the deluded masses still cling to Loyola’s statement of faith: For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who disbelieve, no amount of proof is sufficient.


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  1. January 2, 2011 at 9:57 pm

    “The gods help them that help themselves.”
    – Aesop: paraphrased as God helps those who help themselves. Either way, to do nothing is not just an insult to us and our intelligence, but to the Maker, if there is one, who supposedly gave us that intelligence. [sigh] Believers contradict themselves.

  2. Jonathan Abekasis
    January 3, 2011 at 1:20 pm

    who is to blame if the child died in a hospital, is it also the parent’s fault because they brought the child to a hospital and they die there instead of praying? hypocrites don’t see when they do the same thing only on the other end with a hospital being their god.

    • January 6, 2011 at 3:40 pm

      Nobody is to blame if the child dies in the hospital, because at least they actually TRIED to save the poor kid, rather than just doing nothing.

      Faith healing doesn’t heal. It kills.

    • Lisa
      July 15, 2011 at 10:24 pm

      You are an idiot. The parents take the child to the hospital to attempt to save the child. The other parents “pray” and do nothing to help their ill child. If you can’t see the difference between the two, I feel for you and any children or future children you have.

    • Atheist Lady
      April 29, 2012 at 4:38 am

      Hospitals can never take the place of a god because hospitals actually exist and really do help people.

  3. Sandman
    January 4, 2011 at 5:02 am

    Interesting article in many ways….scary as well.

    Over here in Blighty we have a legal principle called Vicarious Liability. In this case the pastor who told the parent not to allow the child treatment (if such could be proved – a witness affedavit from a congregant that such was the church doctrine would suffice) would be considered partially liable for the childs death as well as the parent. Its an interesting and rarely used principle, but one that on occasion the Crown Prosecutor uses. Under our law the second party is charged with manslaughter as there is no mens rea (predetermination leading to the death) whereas the parent is charged with murder as the mens rea principle is present….they deliberately chose to withold treatment. There is no protection for such an act nor legal defence, and over here it is Murder.

    Extension of such a principle under US law could be sticky given your 1st Ammendment. Thats a real shame as that will allow this fuckwittery to continue. To kill a snake you stamp on its head. To kill this stupidity you prosecute the pastor and close down the church.

    Nice one Al…another thought provoker polemic.


    Jonathan Abekasis –

    Congrats mate…you just won January’s Total Fuckwit Award for stupidist post…and its only the 4th!!!!

    If you cant see the difference between having faith in sky daddy, or having faith in highly trained medical professionals and hi-tech medical technology then you are either a cunt or a troll.

    The logic gap in your statement is a chasm the size of the Grand Canyon.

    so congrats….heres your Dunce Hat…now wear it and leave the debates to people with an IQ bigger than their shoe size eh?


  4. January 20, 2011 at 9:37 am

    Thanks a lot for the post, I really learned something from it. Super good content on this blog. Always looking forward to new entry.

  5. Heather
    January 24, 2011 at 9:02 pm

    ha! you are EXACTLY the kind of person that Jesus Christ died to heal. You might not care about somebody’s personal testimony, and that is fine…but mark my words honey…you’re gonna give your heart to Christ one day, because He is going to prove Himself to be real to you…and then He is going to use YOU to promote His Gospel. 😀

  6. Beulah
    January 24, 2011 at 9:03 pm

    uh huh, you are EXACTLY the kind of person that Jesus Christ died to heal. You might not care about somebody’s personal testimony, and that is fine…but mark my words honey…you’re gonna give your heart to Christ one day, because He is going to prove Himself to be real to you…and then He is going to use YOU to promote His Gospel. 😀

  7. Kate
    May 8, 2011 at 8:27 pm

    For the record Beulah, Christ died for everyone’s sins & gave us free will. He died for ALL & left it up to US to choose him…. Just saying… Maybe you should read up on that.

    I believe in God, but I also believe that God has called people to be Doctors & to help with things like this. This child’s parents were negligent.

  8. May 3, 2012 at 7:11 am

    While you hold to the belief that there is no God who answers prayer, I can site MANY who do and in my own life as well. To say that some don’t abuse this principle would be misguided at best. There is God Jehovah who is ready to answer the prayers of faith and patience. What this woman did was very wrong if indeed this is a true story. And unfortunately it has played out in others who are misguided and unlearned on the teachings of the Holy Bible. God Jehovah is the God of life. His only begotten Son Jesus Christ had a doctor on his staff. Obviously I don’t have all the facts here but I could most assuredly say this woman was not under the leadership of any pastor and went solo on this decision for the most part. Real Chritian faith and practice is not only prayer but relationship. If your child is sick and needs a doctor, take them to the doctor AND pray the prayer of faith. This person would be honoring to God and man. A principle Jesus Christ Himself followed during His stay on earth (Luke 2:52). The tendency to put all in the same camp as the few is popular, however, unfortunate. That view potentially would criminalize and hurt minorities everywhere in North America. Let’s deal firmly those who are uneducated and misguided without taking away from those whose life really make a difference today.

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