Indonesian Muslims: “Obama Has Blood On His Hands”

Obama spent part of his childhood in Jakarta, Indonesia.  Part of his trip abroad this week involves speeches where he will talk about the partnership that the United States is building with Indonesia and Indonesia’s pluralism and tolerance. Indonesia has a Muslim majority and about 20,000 of those Muslims attended rallies to protest Obama’s visit. A spokesman for the Muslim group Hizbut Tahrir, Ismail Yusanto said, “We don’t see the differences between Obama and Bush. They both oppress Muslims. They both have blood on their hands. That’s why we reject Obama and we don’t believe that he’s reaching out to Muslims”

Reaching out to Muslims…

The concept of “reaching out” to someone includes the expected reaction that they would respond in kind.  To reach back. To meet in the middle. To compromise.   To “reach out” to Islam does not include meeting in the middle because Islam does not allow for compromise.  The only way to gain acceptance by Islam is to convert.  Period.  End of story. That is not reaching out.  And to be a member of Islam, one must hold a belief that the Koran is the literal word of Allah and that it is inerrant and the Koran is not bastions of tolerance that many of their respective “experts” say they are.  The Koran is littered with hate and intolerance and promotes the murder of homosexuals, as well as members of other religions. There is no getting around the fact that the Koran contains many death” commandments.  The moderate Muslim cannot deny this, and if they do, then they are not “true” to their faith.

The charges against Islam for their unspeakably horrific acts toward infidels are legendary. Every day the news wires are rife with violence in the name of Allah. Stories of innocent blood spilled are not uncommon and the video channels have no shortage of material by and about Muslims that only serve to incite more hate against those who do not believe. While the United States and other post-modern nations are trying to advance in areas of science and education to compete successfully in the global arena, Islamic fundamentalists consistently attempt to push these countries back into further ignorance.

Muslims are suffering from the mental illness of delusion and their ability to distinguish between reality and fantasy is blurred by their indoctrination.  Thus, they hold completely inaccurate understandings of world history and most of the sciences. Reason gives way to fairy tales, impossibilities and outright untruths. Islam is outward in it’s animosity toward unbelievers and their doctrines inexorably lead to judgment and condemnation. In essence, Islamic dogma makes it very easy to mete out whatever punishment is deemed appropriate.

Pure and simple, the goal of Islam is world dominatin, the theocratic control over all aspects of human life, and they hold no interest in “compromising” or “reaching out” to anyone. Islamic factions are attempting to infuse Sharia law in the nations where they hold a majority and if given the opportunity, they would do so in the United States, as well.  Islam is a poison on our society and it should not be tolerated. Like all religions, Islam offers a dangerous psychological ruse and relies on methods that are ineffective and come at a steep cost to the human species.

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  1. Sandman
    November 17, 2010 at 6:39 am

    I come from the UK, a state that has a significant population of muslim citizens. In the last decade that population has become increasingly radicalised and has begun, through making outragous demands, to attack the very fabric of our society. In particular, their abuse of our legal system to establish secret Sharia courts with a silent nod from our previous administration, and abuse of our free speech laws to openly advocate violence or protest Westboro style at funerals. These abuses have been facilitated by the political correct multiculturist crowd.

    The lashback has begun. We Brits love our moderate system, and love our laws. The reaction on the street to these abuses is outright horror and simmering anger. The UK is now waking up from its sleep and working out that Islam is the enemy of our Enlightenment culture, as is most of Europe. My hope is that the lashback will be moderate and done through laws such as anti-burqua laws, zoning regulations, and hate speech laws that restrict the ability to advocate violence. In the UK we have also a strong movement to outlaw Sharia courts.

    There is NO way of engaging with Islam.

    Its beliefs and values run contrary to Enlightenment western culture. It is a violent, dogmatic and barbaric belief system locked into values 1500 years old and inflexible as any literalist faith. Islam is the enemy of everything we believe in – freedom, tolerance and moderation.

    However, as long as the west is in any way reliant on the feed of oil from the Middle East, Islam will have us by the balls. That applies as equally to the UK and Europe as it does to the USA.

    Once we end our reliance on their oil, we will be totally free to disengage with their hate and stupidity, we will no longer fund their hatred through our oil dollars, and we must then tolerate them NO MORE.

  2. Sandman
    November 17, 2010 at 6:48 am

    Sorry for the double whammy…hit the send button too early.

    So there, my atheist chums, is why it is important to feed the drive towards Green Power…solar and wind farms, hydro-electric and tidal wave stations.

    Its good for the environment, and its good for global security. Less oil dollars to the Sauds = Less oil dollars in the pockets of Wahabiists and Islamists.

    Now start writing to your representatives and DEMANDING we end our oil reliance.

    Pragmatic Atheism…saving the West one step at a time.

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