The Incompatibility of Christianity and Science

The universe is a funny thing.  Really. With all that we have come to understand about the cosmos, there is much we do not know.  Richard Feynman, one of the greatest minds in the field of quantum mechanics said, “If you think you understand quantum mechanics, then you don’t understand quantum mechanics”.  Our universe operates on quantum physics, meaning that there is no “common sense predictability”.  We can measure the universe in both velocity and position, but not at the same time.  Because we do not understand aspects of our natural world, does not mean that we will not someday. The unknown does not allow for a simple explanation.  When we could not explain the horizon, we simply calculated that the earth has an edge and if you go out too far, you’ll fall off.  Calculating the curvature of the earth without the benefit of satellites and a globe was complicated enough.  Bringing god into an equation only creates undue complexity, particularly in matters of science.  Because the bible and religion has so skewed reality and misinformation is being disseminated as genuine education, we have to backtrack before we can move forward.

Having to move from hypothesis to working theory takes a tremendous amount of effort, research and time.  Stopping this progress due to the “god did it” crowd wastes these valuable resources and stymies whatever benefit might arise from genuine science, such as advancements toward the cure of a myriad of diseases through the use of stem cells.  This problem has been consistent throughout the entire history of scientific discovery.  The ideals of science do not allow for the sudden halt of progress because some people attribute all that we do not yet know to the “higher ways of god”.

The human capacity for self-delusion is very well understood by post-modern psychology and when an entire group believes the same delusion, it does not make it any more true. When this delusion serves to prohibit the scientific advancement of a better, healthier and more tolerant society then it becomes counter-productive to the evolution of our species.  The fact is that god only exists in the minds of those who need him to, and mass delusion exists because the same needs are shared by a multitude of people.  Because of this, the existence of god is justified and explained even up to the university level where believers have the audacity to use the otherwise secular field of the sciences as fodder for their apologetics.

Every aspect of the deeply religious persons life revolves around the delusion of a god.  Once this belief is set, then science is reduced to the religious concepts of good and evil.  According to Christian theology, their god created both good and evil, and oversees both.  Of particular importance to the scientific community is Christianity’s defense for the existence of evil, because it is within the confines of this defense that lie the arrest of scientific progress.  Humans have the choice to do either good or evil.  In the secular world, to do good for the benefit of humanity is the pinnacle of morality and scientific research is the best overall venue to providing good to the world.  The perversion of the scientific principle is also responsible for a great deal of bad.  However, the scientific community does not halt progress because there are bad scientists.

The natural world is where science derives it’s hypothesis, and all experimentation radiates from this point.  In the Christian worldview, the bible is where the believer derives their hypotheses, but what they see as good comes from god and what they see as bad comes from the devil.  Thus, if the Christian interprets something as bad according to their understanding of the bible, then they believe it should not be allowed. Thus, there has been much needless violence and loss of life due to the Christian opposition to scientific discovery.

The scientific community thrives on probabilities, working theories and fact based hypothesis that have resulted in the advances we have made in fields such as medicine and technology.  The Christian community thrives on miracles.  Christians generally define a miracle as “an event brought about by the power of god that is a temporary exception to the ordinary course of nature for the purpose of showing that god has acted in history”.  This is very convenient because it removes the logical possibility for scientific investigation.  It basically makes a miracle impossible for anyone to recognize even if they saw one.  Because of this, they take the liberty of using mental gymnastics to string together an otherwise unlikely connected stream of natural events to “prove” their miracles.  This, of course, perverts science into a laughable and largely inconceivable set of ridiculous improbabilities. This is the type of shallow analysis that is the result of superstitious thinking, the circular logic that miracles exist because miracles exist and can only be caused and explained by a god that cannot be proven to exist.

The worst perversion of science that is committed by the Christian community is in the area of archaeology. No matter how loud they scream that the bible is the inerrant, infallible word of god, the facts are that the bible is full of errors and contradictions and is almost completely incompatible with the collective intelligence of the scientific community.  Wouldn’t it be true that if the bible were really the work of a perfect and loving god that would at least be accurate?  That it would be clear and concise, written with a consistency that can be easily followed without needing circular logic for explanation?  The fact is that the bible contains a number fatal flaws that destroy it’s credibility.

Amateur apologists the world over defend the inerrancy of the bible by laying the claim that the science of archeology proves it’s historic accuracy.  This is beyond ridiculous, but if you listened to these apologists, you might actually believe that archaeology has proved the historical accuracy of the Bible.  There have even been books published that assert that archaeology supports that the Bible is the inerrant word of God.   Because archaeology has confirmed some of the historical accuracy of some information in the Bible does not make it applicable to the whole of the volumes.

King Mesha of the Moabites and King Shalmaneser of the Assyrians were historical characters, as was Nebuchadnezzar.  We know this because real archaeology has discovered disinterested and extra-biblical records of their existence.  But extra-biblical confirmation of some of the Bible does not constitute confirmation of all if the Bible, and stories that should have provided archaeologists with a wealth of data, evidence and records, provide absolutely zilch. It is only through superstitious ignorance that an otherwise intelligent individual can believe that god created the entire universe in six days, less than ten thousand years ago and that man came into existence looking pretty much the same as we do now, but completely block out the scientifically, indisputably proven fact of evolution.

This brings us to the final insult to science, the theological field of eschatology, which is the study of death, judgment, heaven, and hell.  Obviously, this is not science at all, but just bad philosophy.  We know what happens when we die. The reality of it is that our organs stop functioning, we begin to decay and eventually become integrated with the ecosystem.  There is nothing to fear because when we die, we are done.  There is no heaven, no hell, no conscious afterlife and thus, nothing to fear except the human desire to live on, which is evolutionary very natural.  We have a survival instinct that we share with every other animal on the face of the earth.  Nobody has ever come back from the dead, biblical and other mythical stories notwithstanding, so we have no conclusive evidence.  Not even the near death experiences can be counted due to the fact that when the brain is in an unconscious state there are many aspects and perceptions that cannot be relied upon.

In fact, the phrase “life after death” is a scientific oxymoron, because death is final.  Either you die or you do not die. There can be no such thing as a first death, or even a second death.  There is just death.  A person can be clinically dead, and be resuscitated, but we are not discussing clinical death, but dead as in dead and buried, in the grave, pushing up daisies.  What’s dead is dead is dead.  Did I mention that once something is dead it no longer has life?  Of course, science has not yet discovered how to resurrect people from the dead, or we’d be enjoying Elvis and Hendrix on stage again.  The Christians, however, believe that since god created life, then god can resurrect it. In fact, Christian theology is rife with expressions of Jesus defeating death, etc., etc…  But to what end?  Why is it so important that we live forever and ever and ever and that it be in perfect peace and harmony?  Why is it so important the we choose the “one true god” instead of the plethora of “false gods” that apparently occupy some very busy airspace in the spiritual realm?

Enter the decidedly unscientific and archaic concept of Hell.  If humanity does not accept the wonderful gift of human sacrifice that the Christian god provided, then they are doomed to eternal damnation where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth and where the worm never stops turning, forever, and ever, amen.  While I cannot picture the Christian god in lab coat, I sure can picture him dressed in an Armani suit, wingtip shoes and a Fedora making us offers we cannot refuse.

To begin with, the whole concept of hell is a serious perversion of reality and the need for a savior was concocted for the sole reason of literally scaring the “hell” out of us.  There would be no fear of death if one of the possibilities were not being sent to hell and there would be no motivation to convert to Christianity if it didn’t mean that the alternative to hell is what was, and still is, out of reach for all of us; unlimited wealth and happiness and not having any bad shit happen in life.  This is why I don’t quite understand why the religionists insist on engaging the scientific community in their attempts to convert the masses of infidels still out and about in the world.  Myth and superstition cannot compete with science on the platforms of reason and facts. But on the platform of fear-mongering, science is nowhere near as powerful a tool as to what amounts to historically as the most effective marketing strategy of all time.

The founders of Christianity knew nothing of science, but they knew how to scare people, then provide the solution to relieve that fear, and it worked like a charm. It still works, and not just in religion. Corporations use television commercials that scare middle-aged men in to believing that they will never get laid as long as they are sporting that bald spot, but if you use the product that only they provide, they will have women throwing themselves at them, and get a nice sports car, to boot.  Even organized crime has gotten in on it. People pay the mob for protection against mob violence.

So, science marches on in spite of religion and in spite of the willful ignorance of those who would exchange the truth for a lie. It is not too late, though. There are more of us who are non-believers than most of us even realize.  The only way that we are going to advance in our evolution as a free society is if unbelieving Americans and those who are sympathetic to our cause step up and stop the election and appointment of religious fundamentalist, superstitions, myth-believing people in positions that can negatively effect our society.

Because of the continual infusion of ancient, ignorant beliefs, genuine scientific research is being systematically stonewalled and we are losing our race to other nations as world leaders in the educational, scientific and medical research arenas.  If we continue to cling to that old rugged cross we are going to end up like those third world Muslim nations that the the Christians are so afraid of.  We will be a theocracy.  We cannot let that happen.  Ever.

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