Fox’s Fight For Faux Freedom

In November, elections for 36 of the 100 seats in the United States Senate are going to be held and the Republicans are trying every trick in the book to get as many seats as possible, which is expected.  However, the right wing nut jobs are really piling it on.  Chicken Little has been promoted from GOP Mascot to Campaign Manager, and Fox “News” has been chosen to disseminate their propaganda of half-truths and scare tactics.  Fox News should be renamed the Republican News Network, or, better yet, “RWNJ News”.  They are a pseudo-news channel and they cater to right-wing extremists, people who are deathly afraid of anyone and anything that’s even the slightest bit different from them.   They are about as “fair and balanced” as Westboro Baptist Church.

The problem is that their distorted “reporting” is being watched by a lot of moderate republicans who are being sucked into their sensational tabloid stories that are disguised as “conservative reporting”.  The minds of their viewers are being filled with anything but factual news reporting.   Their reporters and anchors are little more than well-dressed hypocrites who seem to be oblivious to the issues that concern their own country, and favor lies, distortions and misleading statements that are reminiscent of that wonderfully productive era of McCarthyism.

Fox’s flagship wingnut is a man named Glenn Beck, who’s hissy-fit crying rants leave you slack-jawed, wondering how anyone can possibly take him seriously.  His comparisons of anything remotely contrariwise to the extreme right wing world view are portrayed as an imminent onset of communism, fascism or socialism.  He has been even been quoted as saying if he had fifty-million dollars he would choke Michael Moore to death.  Look it up, it’s not hard to find.  The rest of the wingnut roster on Fox are not much better, adding their own coals to the faux fires that are stoked daily.

Add into the mix people like Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Newt Gingrich and Ann Coulter with a healthy dose of Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell Jr, along with the rest of the politically active Christian extreme fundamentalists and you get a bubbling cauldron that spews out daily doses of diarrhea in the form of conspiracy theories designed for the express purpose of making everyone to the right of center appear to be Nazi-Fascist-Socialist-Communists who kill puppies and eat babies for breakfast.

Fox News hosts and guests repeatedly use violent rhetoric and apocalyptic language to describe any issue that does not fall in lock-step with their radical right wing agenda to turn the United States into a Theocracy.  Many of them are Christian Reconstructionists and/or Dominionists who espouse an apocalyptic eschatology that includes points of view such as the war in Iraq being part of God’s plan. The core theme of dominion theology is that the Bible mandates Christians to take over and “occupy” secular institutions.

Beck and Co., make no secret that they fear America’s greatness as “God’s Chosen Land” is going to hell in hand basket because it is allowing atheists, feminists and homosexuals to hold public offices, teach in our public schools and adopt children.  Oh, the horrors…  If given their way, abortion would be a crime punishable by death and compulsory prayer would be reinstituted in public schools.  Many of them view the Constitution and Bill of Rights as “add-ons” to Old Testament Biblical law and believe that Christian men are ordained by God to run things.  The first amendment that guarantees the separation of church and state would, no doubt, be reinterpreted along the same skewed lines of logic that the rest of their viewpoints are marked, and anyone who do not accept their theology would not be considered as equal citizens.

It is not difficult to see why these nutcases are behaving so badly and why they are attempting to poison the minds of otherwise good, solid and freedom loving Americans.  Their “sky is falling” tactics are shamefully perpetrating the belief that if things continue to “change”, then all is lost and America, once proud and mighty, will become a third-world nation led by terrorist-loving, communist liberals.

Right Wing Christian Conservatives are behaving like petulant children, and Fox News stands more than willing to be their representative tantrum venue.  Between their Chicken Little style of “reporting” and their super-sexy female anchors, complete with Barbi-Doll looks and micro-miniskirts, they’ve managed to cash in on an unbelievably huge market share of viewers, who undoubtedly have “The 700 Club” on their list of favorite programs and a closet full of tin foil hats.

They are pissed off at the blindsided roundhouse they were delivered during the last election.  The took a bad hit that threw a monkey wrench in their political machine.  They are doing everything they can to discredit Democrats as a threat to our national security, painting them as god-hating, queer-loving anti-American socialists who want nothing more than the wholesale destruction of god-fearing family values that god-fearing men worked so god-fearing hard to god-fearingly make part of god-fearing American life.

Their goal is clear.  To win in November and re-take control of the house and senate so that they can lick their wounds and take up, once again, the cause to turn this country into a Theocracy that no matter how you slice it, would be no different from Taliban-led Afghanistan.

Well, I’ve got news for them.  The rest of us love this country.  We are a government of the people, by the people and for the people and the people are not just the Religious Right, as Fox & Co. would have us believe.  We will never become a Theocracy simply because we are a representative government.  The people got sick and tired of being bent over a church pew and screwed in the ass for eight years.  It is no accident that there was a wholesale change in the power base in Washington.  We will not be fooled by the birthers, tea-partiers, palinites or any of the rest of the fundamentalists. The people have spoken and no matter how much the Neo-Cons at Fox News scream that the sky is falling, no matter how they try to skew the news, falsify images or flat out lie, the rest of us will not look up and cover our heads, but we will continue to look forward and press on toward a more perfect union that represents every American citizen.

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